Monday, June 18, 2007

8 Random Facts Meme

I am not posting any rules or tagging any people since I've read this meme on several blogs I frequent...but I"m more than happy to participate since I was tagged by Gretty! :)

Here are the 8 random facts about me!

1. I'm a total multi-tasker, I find it very difficult to stick to doing one thing at a time and can't even remember the last time I did. Even when I'm blogging I'm typically working, sometimes on the phone, eating my breakfast at my desk, etc. I think driving is basically the only thing that gets my full attention...well I have music on, and if Emma's in the car...needless to say I'm easily distracted! This post alone has been running for like 4 days! (thank God for blogger's autosave feature!)

2. I can't get enough flip-flops or sunglasses. I don't care how many pairs of flip-flops or sandals I own or how many pairs of sunglasses, I'll always look at both of those things when I'm in a store, especially if it's T.J. Maxx!

3. I never get sick of spending time with my family. I'm talking about my husband, my daughter, my parents, grandparents, siblings...I will spend all of the time I can with family. If I can't spend time with my hubby because he's working I will be with my parents or grandparents and my daughter. I very, very rarely will stay home alone. Not like I'm scared or anything, but I feel like it's a waste of time to just be alone. Emma and I always head out to visit family if Trevor is working.

4. I love a great deal! I very rarely will pay regular price for an item, especially clothing, shoes, accessories. You can't really do much about food, toilet paper, diapers, etc. But, when I can use a coupon, get a sale price or better yet clearance, even find a deal online...I will!

5. Just like my friend Mert, I'm a big planner and list maker. If we are going on vacation, planning a birthday party, going grocery shopping(hehe)...seriously, I'm the worst that way and since I'm such a totaly multi-tasker sometimes my lists will overlap. It's terrible!

6. Again, like Mert, yes we have a lot in common, I'm a total carnivore and could eat meat at every meal...nice big juicy steak especially. Salads and veggies are not my bag at all, I don't mind a good salad sometimes, but I really prefer it have some sort of meat on it...Taco Salad, YUM...Chef Salad, tasty...but just some plain jane side thanks!

7. I can get kind of paranoid, I have self-esteem issues related to my weight issues that lead me to have issues about what people think of me or whatever. I have issues! If there is a group of people walking behind me talking inaudibly that breaks into laughter or giggling it makes me paranoid they are laughing at me, or if people are staring in my direction at all it makes me paranoid wondering if they are staring at me and what they are thinking. But, oddly, I have this other little part of me that could give a rip what people think and kind of has this "go fat girls!" defiance thing about being overweight. Now I'm wondering what you, dear reader, are thinking of me...yeah it's a sickness...I know, I have multiple personalities or something!

8. As you may have already discovered, I'm a very open person, I pretty much share a lot of myself with people and that's a little odd given my #7 isn't it? Oh well, that's me in a nutshell!


Elizabeth said...

Great list! I'm with you on being paranoid about what other people think of me... especially other moms. Also, I swear some girls were talking about my hair at Summerfest about 5 years ago. I swear!

Oh, and thanks for not tagging me! I'm still working on the last meme ;)

Stephanie said...

I am so paranoid of what people think of me, especially my weight. I also have validation issues...

Hey, I blogged about salad today too!

justjenny said...

#7 really resonates... I'm in pretty decent shape but every time I ate more than a few bites over vacation my mother would talk about how I need to hit the gym when I get back! Considering that most meals I didn't eat at all (I didn't like the food there) I thought that was a little harsh...

Oh and I would totally buy all kinds of sunglasses if I didn't have the regular glasses!