Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday Thirteen...Birthday Preparations!

This week my Thursday Thirteen is all about the Birthday Preparations for Emma's party on Saturday! I think I need to make a new list, I'm feeling a little unsure about it!

1. Go to Picture People tonight for Emma's 2nd birthday photo and family photo. We finally figured out what we're wearing just one hour ago!

2. Leave work at noon tomorrow, Emma's actual birthday though the party is Saturday!

3. Drop off balloons at party supply place to be blown up and buy two ginormous gift bags .

4. Buy the cake plates, more napkins, cutlery...

5. Pick up the Mickey Mouse cake at Bob & Bonnies

6. Pick up the meat, buns, chips, soda and beer.

7. Have dinner with Em's Godparent's at Gino's Italian Restaurant tomorrow night.

8. Clean the bathrooms & kitchen, dust, de-clutter the dining room and living room, hose off the lawn chairs, swingset, deck...

9. Ask mom & dad to bring a few more lawn chairs.

10. Get my haircut Saturday morning.

11. Pick up the blown up balloons at the party place after my haircut.

12. Get the house in order for the guest arrivals at 4pm Saturday while Emma naps early afternoon then get Emma bathed, dressed up in her party dress and do her hair before everyone arrives.

13. Assemble Em's new kitchen, table & chairs and any other gifts she may receive that need assembl & clean up post-party...

I trust this list will keep me busy in the next 48-72 hours...promptly Sunday I plan to relax...and play with Em's new toys!


Wacky Mommy said...

What a little dolly! Happy birthday to us ;)

Anonymous said...

Did someone say a PARTY? Can I COME? lol

Happy TT! xoxo

sam said...

Hey, hey Par-tay!! I am so there!

You're gonna be a busy, busy lady!

Happy TT!

Elizabeth said...

Since it's Friday now: Happy Birthday Emma!
Your list looks pretty thorough, so you should be all set. It's always helpful to have an extra set of eyes on everything, too (your mom's).
(If you see my sister at Gino's, say Hi! She is usually bartending there... but she is pregnant, so I don't know if she'll be working or not.)

Have a good time taking pictures! That's always (usually) a fun time. I'm glad you found something to wear, that's the hardest thing for me.

Mert said...

Holy cow, yes! Sounds like you are busy! You sound just like me... so many things to do for birthdays.

I hope you have an awesome party:D