Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Return to Randomness

All day I've been thinking about my TT, I almost didn't do one, I wanted a fun theme because I've read some great ones lately like Blog That Mommy's and Crazy Working Mom for example. But, in the end, with just 20 minutes left in my work day and being all worked out I decided to go with my old standby, randomness! I hope it doesn't suck!

  1. One of the songs I keep hearing on the radio sticks in my head really badly but I think I like it! It's Ruby by Kaiser Chefs.
  2. I can't keep my shirts clean, it's worse now that I'm a mommy, I have a daughter who helps me dirty my shirts! I was just commenting today that I need my daughter's bibs more than she does I think!
  3. My allergies have been driving me nuts lately! It comes and goes, seems worst in the mornings at work, I swear yesterday I thought I was going to have to go in the bathroom and hack up a lung or something, I didn't JUST have ten million sneezes & watery eyes, I had this coughing fit thing too...bleh!
  4. I keep pluggin' away at the piles on my desk! They do keep rebuilding themselves, but I'm proud of all of the work I've accomplished in the last few weeks and all that I've been learning about the Master's program. I'm also pretty proud about how the co-workers feel about my work and some developments I've implemented or suggested...makes me feel good and valued and I like that.
  5. I can't stop taking pictures of my daughter. It was out of fear of boring people that I didn't post a TT today with photos from last night. She was trying on her new bike helmet, elbow and knee pads and looked absolutely her mom I think of course I am a bit biased, but I assure you, the photos are likely to be posted tomorrow because I know that by Monday I'll have a new set of weekend photos all ready for a slideshow!
  6. We'll have family possibly coming from Canada in a week, can't wait! Someone we only know through email and phone calls, distant relative of the hubby's. They are coming for the local air show and I might have the task of entertaining someone all day long on the 28th. In my hometown, a full day may be difficult, but my wheels are spinning already thinking of ideas!
  7. Following the Canadian visit my 15 year old cousin from Minnesota will be visiting, also excited about that. She comes for a week each August, stays with my mom and I take one day off for a girl's day at the zoo! Last year it was extremely hot and humid in the 90's, I'm hoping for at least 10 degrees cooler and less humidity this year!
  8. I need a pedicure...really badly, it's getting embarrassing to me, hopefully no one has noticed!
  9. I need a haircut, I'm in that in-between stage of growing out my hair, unsure of what length to go to and it's not doing much in terms of styling lately.
  10. Also on the beauty ends of things, I also do need my eyebrows waxed again, believe it or not, it's easier and less painful for me than upkeep (tweezing)! I'm such a baby, tweezing hurts and makes me sneeze so bad that my eyes water, blurring my vision and rendering me unable to see well enough to tweeze!
  11. Our kitty memorial came in the mail today and it is absolutely beautiful, I will need to post a photo of that, plus the cute kitty angel statue I got for the garden.
  12. I'm kind of addicted also to Amy Winehouse's song Rehab as silly as it is. I don't know what is up with me!

13. Time to go home!


Elizabeth said...

Holy cow, did you ever pull out a nose hair? All of sudden a long one is dangling out of your nose! Those are the ones that make my eyes water. I should really get my brows done, I've never had them done. But as with my hair, I'm scared!

I love your randomness!!

Melissa said...

Life is random, so that works for the TT thing. :)

Give it a few years and your shirts will be schmutz-free once more.

Are you nervous about the relation you've never met? I would be. Then again, your family appears to have more of the normal than mine does, so you're probably fine.

The zoo is so much fun. We plan on going before the summer's over. If you go before we do, you'll have to fill me in on what's good and I'll do the same for you.

Amy Winehouse is awesome, albeit a little scary. "Hey There Delilah" by Plain White T's is making me really happy lately. Also, this is like the longest comment ever.

Lene said...

I know what you mean about pictures of your daughter. I am obsessed with taking pics of my boys!

Virginia, like the state! said...

We appreciate randomness! :) I try to get a pedicure once a relaxing! I suggest you make some time for yourself to do it--a reward for all your hard work at home and at the office! :) Happy Friday and have a great weekend! I'll be holed up in my apartment devouring Harry Potter...

Mert said...

Keep taking those pictures, woman! Though it's tougher to get pictures in in the day when yo have too, so my Emma will probably be mad at us later in life LOL!

I hope you have a nice family visit, that sounds so nice on both counts. Our town is very small, so I know how you feel about not having enough to do possibly. The zoo, we really need to get to the zoo. My em hasn't been yet.

I bet your kitty memorial is really pretty , can't wait to see it. :,)

BTW, I also sneeze when plucking.... spooky!