Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday Thirteen...personal slump and maybe and overshare if you're up to it.

1. I had a "State of the College" thing with intro of new faculty and staff this morning, followed by a depressing doctor's appointment and lunch with all the faculty/staff. This meant that pile of work I've been trying to just FINISH before the end of the day tomorrow has gone untouched. I finished a few little odds and ends since getting back to my desk, but I've hit the 3pm slump, should go get mail in the other building and snap out of the slump but it just ain't happenin'!

2. Aforementioned doctor's appointment was simply depressing because the doctor who previously had not gotten on me about my weight decided to state the obvious and say twice during the course of my time there today that I "need to get serious about losing weight". He said he could refer me to a dietician if I wanted but it's just diet/exercise. It's amazing how easy it's made to sound when in fact it's quite the opposite. I could go on about my lack of enthusuiasm for the whole diet/exercise issue and the failed attempts that are piling up more each and every year of my life. What's wrong with me? Maybe it's time to address this further and find out why I can't seem to bring myself to get serious, buckle down, and lose weight. If not for me, for my family that worries about my health and my daughter who's only 2 that I want to see grow up and my husband I want to grown old with and bicker with when we're 80 and cranky old farts.

3. We leave for our vacation in about 18 days and it's about time, I need to rejuvenate and hopefully this vacation will help and it won't be the road trip from hell filled with arguing with the hubby and a bored 2 year old. If you have ideas of what we can have in the car to keep her busy, I'm starting a list. So far, coloring stuff, magnadoodle, borrowed portable DVD player (I refuse to purchase this for a 2 year old so I'm borrowing my 15 year old stepsister's player).

4. I have to clean house, I haven't done a really good clean in awhile, I hate cleaning and it's normally reserved for when we're having people over. I mean we do the basic cleaning and everythign but I need to go through and do the dusting, deep clean of the bathrooms, kitchen, fridge, pantry...but it sucks and is time consuming, boring and lonely. I always have to have mom watch Emma and tackle it while Trevor's at work. He does the day to day stuff being home with Emma weekdays so it's only right I take care of this stuff on my own, but I still don't have to enjoy it! hehe

5. Sometimes when I get in a slump like this I wish I could just curl up in bed for a day or two and cry and watch movies and read and not do much of anything or talk to or see anyone. But, that's not really possible and I'd miss my baby in the first 10 minutes.

6. I think hubby and I need to be more devoted to keeping our weekly date nights, we don't do it weekly, more like bi-weekly and we need that time alone and we need to be more affectionate again. That's my fault, it's not for lack of trying on his part, he tries and I pull away more often lately but that's, I think, in large part to my own problems with feeling low self-esteem lately and in my little slump. No matter how much someone tries to tell you your sexy or show you how they feel, you have to feel it yourself.

7. Big overshare for you, but I've seen my blogging buddies share about their cycles so I just have to say this...I'm less than thrilled that after missing two cycles due to stopping the pill, I've been prescriped progesterone that I have to take for 12 days which will make me start up again just 4 days before our trip so in the words of my doctor "expect a heavy one but hopefully it will be over or almost over by the day you leave for your vacation"...gee, thanks, I certainly hope it's gone then!

8. The students move in tomorrow, classes start on Tuesday (faculty are coming back), I start my classes September 2nd. The last part, I look forward to, however the first...a bit overwhelming but it will be ok! My classes are Foundations of Christian Experience and Ecology & the Environment. Both have lots of reading and will be a lot of work, especially being only 8 weeks long, but the next 8 weeks after those is an easier course, History of Rock N Roll!

9. Maybe part of my slump being so bad this week in particular is that it's been drizzly, gray and dreary ALL WEEK and I've had enough. However, I really have nothing to whine about because at least we don't live in an area that's been flooded. I was brought to tears watching some of the news coverage and thinking about what these people are going through.

10. I've been reading a REALLY GOOD but tear-jerking book too, another reason for the heightened emotion I'm sure. It's a must-read if you ask me, whether you believe in the afterlife or not, and if you don't then when you read the book it just might change your mind. Allison Dubois, We Are Their Heaven: Why the Dead Never Leave Us. You might recognize her name because the show, Medium is based on Allison's life. I am so getting more of her books!

11. I got a much needed pedicure last night and I could tell it helped release some tension, I think I need a full body massage now just to really feel revived...maybe the hubby can help with that this weekend.

12. Even if the rain is no good for my mood, it's great for my garden and I can't wait to see how my tomatoes, cucumbers and melons are doing!

13. A big huge ray of it was announced that our college is experimenting this year with closing the college for the week between Christmas and New Year's! Yay! This means instead of being off Xmas Eve and day and New Year's eve and day we'll have 7 days plus the weekend off! That will be great and paid holidays are always a good thing!!


crazy working mom said...

I need a pedi too! :)

Congrats on the good news about the Christmas Holiday.

Hope your week gets better.

Elizabeth said...

I totally hear you on #6, on for your "overshare" portion, you might want to try this book: it's called "Fertility, Cycles and Nutrition". Good stuff about how what you eat effects your cycles. I forget the author and it's packed away, but it helped me some. Worth a try if the hormones are too much for you.

I hope you feel happier soon! I feel like crap too, it's definitely partly attributed to this dreary-ass weather!

oh, and P.S? - please clean your bathroom before I come to visit! teehee

Mert said...

I'm sorry you are in a slump, buddy! That really sucks! Gah, starting your period right before a trip, I just did that... keep your motrin handy. I hope you are all done before the trip. :)

I totally agree with you, if you aint feeling it... it's hard to hear when someone else tries to say you are sexy.

Hang in there, vacation is in sight! The last week is going to whiz by and you'll be on the road before you know it!

I'm sending all my ~*~*~*~*~*good thoughts/vibes/prayers*~*~*~*~*~ your way, sweets!

wolfbaby said...

i hope things are going better for you soon.. take care ok.. sing listen to up beat music sometimes thathelps me or just give the little one lots of cuddles if you can keep her still long enough *smiles* i know thats hard to do

a big cyber hug.. i have been feelin the same..

take care ok

~Virginia~ said...

I think you and I had the same friggin' week! Starting the semester is always hellish and last week did me in. I almost up and quit! And then the next day they told me how much my raise was going to be... :)

Here's hoping we both have better weeks! :)