Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More Fun at Weddings!

There's some pictures and videos I had to share from the family wedding we attended on Saturday. The DJ's played for about an hour before the bridal party graced the guests with their presence and the kids had a blast dancing. The DJ's seemed to have fun with it too, they even played the Spongebob theme and I don't think I have ever seen such excitement in my daughter after the intial moment where she was looking around to see where the TV was. Unfortunately, I forgot that I was taking a video that records sound so the prevailing sound on that video is my horrible voice belting out the Spongebob lyrics. I can't believe I'm even sharing the video with that on it, but the cuteness of the video prevails over the terrible audio! haha

Emma was quite the copycat, she imitated all the movements of the big kids, including when one boy of about 8 or 10 decided to do the worm, she made an effort at that too! Then she has a blast running around with her cousin Aiden (well technically 3rd cousin or something because his parents are my age and are my dad's cousin's son and daughter-in-law). I always find that stuff confusing so I just consider Aiden's parents my cousins and Aiden Emma's cousin...anyway...Emma and Aiden were chasing each other around, hugging, dancing together, a couple times one would run up to the other and hug/tackle and they'd fall to the ground laughing, one time he landed on her and they laid there a second then he stood up with his arms up and it was hilarious because he looked like he was holding his arms up like "I didn't touch her". Then when they were on the ground at the one point someone walked by and laughed and pointed at them saying "Are they related? Is that ok?" haha!

The kids were great entertainment for everyone while we waited for the bridal party. :)


Elizabeth said...

Ha! I love it! My husband does that too when taking videos... and always somewhere in there he observes the fact that all anyone will be able to hear on the video will be him yapping away!

(I hate my voice on tape, too.... but it was good to hear yours!)

Mert said...

You weren't bad, silly! That was so cute. She was really boogie'ing!

I think I sound like Mrs. Kermit The Frog , I also hate my voice LOL!

wolfbaby said...

LOL i do that to and hate it when i do... she is adorable!!