Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sesame Street Live!

Tickets to Sesame Street Live: $22 each
2 Programs of the show w/ poster: $14
CD with all of the show's songs: $15
Tshirt: $15
Pennant: $7
Balloon: $8
3 soft pretzels, 2 bottled waters $15
2 bags of cotton candy: $6
Seeing Emma's eyes light up and her attention held for 2 hrs. PRICELESS!

Saturday Emma went to her first live show! My mom, stepdad and I took her to Sesame Street Live since Trevor was working. Even if I didn't have a child I would have enjoyed that, it was really cute! I'll never forget the look of awe on her face as she intently watched the whole show. She hadn't even napped that day and was SO good, she got a little tired towards the end but sat and watched the show, wasn't scared when they came into the crowd, she loved that! She would wave and call their names and when Roxy Marie came up to her to say hi she gave her a high five! It was such a great time and something we will definitely do again!



All of the photos can be seen HERE!


~Virginia~ said...

How cute is that?! Glad she had so much fun! I apologize for my lack of blog-lovin' lately. Part work-madness, part laziness.

Happy Turkey Day! :)

Elizabeth said...

Looks like Emma had a blast! What a fun Saturday!

crazy working mom said...

OMG!!! That looks like so much fun. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for this one to come to our town. My little guy loves "Melmo".

She looks like she had a wonderful time.

justjenny said...

Wow, that look of intense concentration on her face is amazing. Looks like you have a theatre buff on your hands... =)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ash said...

my mom took me to see muppet babies live when I was four. I have never forgotten what an amazing experience that was.

Emma looks so happy.