Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ultimate Life

My buddy Mert tagged me for this meme without making it like an obligation! :D

The rules are:
Answer the questions as realistically or unrealistically as you want.
Copy the rules into your meme post.
Link back to the person who tagged you.
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1. Where would you live?
Since this is the ultimate life, it would have to be a world that doesn't have any global warming, war, hate, abuse, crime, government, etc...you get the drift...it would be the ultimate life with the ultimate people. The climate would still have four seasons because that's the way I love it, but we wouldn't have any natural disasters or extreme conditions. The winter would be just cold enough to allow snow but the roads wouldn't be icy and dangerous and the summers would be just hot enough to enjoy swimming in a cool lake. There would be no such thing as sunburns and skin cancer (or any cancer for that matter), no frostbite or suffering in any way. But, everyone would appreciate all that they had in their ultimate life, we'd all appreciate our families, friends and environment. There would be no monetary system because we woudn't need it. We would all cooperate and have our own roles to sustain our ultimate life.

2. What would your job be (or if unrealistic) what would you do all day?
It wouldn't so much be a job, I'd be a wife and mother as I am now and would travel the ultimate world with all of my family and friends, be an artist, a teacher, a student, a chef, a food critic...yes, the ultimate life.

3. Who would you spend your time with? Doing what?
I'd spend my time with all of my family and friends traveling the ultimate earth, learing about everything possible, teaching my daughter about all of it too and creating memories along the way.

4. What kind of holidays/vacations would you take?
The ultimate life would basically be a vacation every day.

5. What luxury items would you own?
We would have transportation for all of our travels and a home every place we went with a pool, entertainment, personal chef and personal trainer and all the technology we'd need but all of it would be environmentally-friendly.

6. What charities would you support or represent?
In the ulimate life we'd all be equal, happy, safe and not in need of charity. Yes, this really would be an ultimate life...quite a dream!

I decided to break some rules in this ultimate life and not tag anyone...if you want to do the meme, do it and let me know because I'd love to read it. If not, no biggie!


Elizabeth said...

Sounds like Utopia!

Mert said...

I lurve it... Great answers, sounds like utopia and nirvana. :D I got so relaxed reading your answers, I need a nap now, LOL!