Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My new header!

My dear friend Mert made me a beautiful new header for winter! I was eyeing hers up telling her how much I liked it and that I wanted her to help me make one and she surprised me with a beautiful one this morning! I LOVE snowflakes and LOVE the colors she used!! THANK YOU!!!


Crazy Working Mom said...

Well, ain't she so sweet?!

I love it! Looks great. She's a talented lady. Lucky you!

~Virginia~ said...

You and Mert are both so creative! Her with the bloggy things and you with the pictures! :) It looks great!

Mert said...

:D! I'm so glad you like it! You must have been sending me "vibes" LOL!

Nah, I would have made you one whether you vibed or asked me ;)

Elizabeth said...

So pretty!
Are you loving the real snow too?