Friday, January 11, 2008

8 Random Things About Emma

Emma was tagged by my another sweet girl named Emma to do a meme regarding 8 random things about her life. Emma's mama is the fabulous Mary at Almost Somewhat Positive.
That Emma is going on three years old the end of March and our Emma will be 3 years old towards the end of June. Our Emma was a gracious interviewee (if that's a word) when I was home at lunch today so here's what she had to say and some other random facts about our peanut!

1. My name is Emma Wose Mowif and one of my favorite things to do when Mama and Daddy are trying to go to sleep is say "What's your name mama", "What's your name daddy?", "What's Commo & Coco'th name?" (our cat cosmo and cat coco, as I every so often remember and say randomly "Coco died"), Mama always answers my naming questions with the question, "What do you think?" and I say: "Mama name a-shell", "Daddy name tevor", "Commo and Coco name Commo & Coco" and I go on to go say "gammy, gampy, gampa, gamma, gamma shuf, gamma gaydee, amanda, luke (cousin), baby keerah (cousin)" and anyone else I think of.

2. I love to go to the pimmin pool when we go to a otel or pimmin cass or the beach.

3. My favorite toys are paydoh, mr. tatohead, the dolly house from danta, new elephant from gammy and gampy, his name is elbis (Elvis) the elephant, my new lady and horsey from day and katie (barbie with horse & carriage from Uncle Jay and Aunt Katie). Oh, (another favorite word lately) I like to "help" mama with her beads (jewelry making) too so gampa and gamma got me my own beads too!

4. I love to count and mama says I always miss 4 and 6. My favorite numbers to say are 7,8,9,10,11!

5. I love Elmo, Elmo is red like gammy's car. Geen means go when we are in the car, but sometimes mama gets geen and lellow mixed up I tink.

6. When I home wit Daddy we wath cai-yu (Caillou), Elmo, aboomaboo (Zoboomafoo) and other cartoons and when Mama is home for dupper (lunch) we watch the lady make dupper (30 Minute Meals).

7. I like a lot of good pood (food) like turkey (ham gets called turkey), teez (cheese), parties (smarties candy), ding teez (string cheese), carwots (carrots), apples, gapes, pears...I not too picky.

8. When I go to pimmin cass (swimming class) we ting the Wheels on the Bus song and I always ask mama to ting it now, mostly at bedtime, I call it the puppy dog song cuz mama tings about the puppies on the bus tay wuf wuf wuf and kitties on the bus tay mew mew mew and about birdies, mouseys, emma on the bus and everyfing. When we go to bed we say to nite nite bof, love you bof, tee you in da mornin! Mama and Daddy love it when I jump on their lap randomly and hug dem and say love you mama or love you daddy.

Tank you Emma Wose for taggin me, I like tag, I always ask gammy to tase me when we leave her house. I have to go nap now but first I will tag some other babies cuz I LOVE babies!

I tag mama's friend Bef's boys, Miffy's son I never met yet who is not a baby anymore and Georgia at Blog That Mommy.

Later awagator, while crocadile!


Mert said...

Awww! I love it! She is very expressive, and I love how she describes everything perfectly. i can totally picture her asking you guys questions at night. Our Emma does the same thing, she'll say "What's baby zo's name, what's Gigi ( our cat wolfie) name?"

Too cute! Thanks for doing the meme gf that was a lot of fun, one meme that i was looking forward to doing for once ;)

Anonymous said...

Teehee! So cute!
Can't wait to do this one myself!