Tuesday, April 29, 2008

25 pounds and other updates

You probably thought I dropped off the face of the earth or gained all my weight back and hid in a corner not wanting to post an update here...wrong, I'm still here just increasingly busy lately! I will be glad when both of my classes are finished and summer approaches, these last two classes kept me SO busy!! I've been trying to bead more often, even making rings now. However, stuff for myself and some family members (paying for their items) has kept me busy so I have still not gotten my store up yet on Etsy! I'll keep you posted though. Be sure to sign up for Revolution Money using the link in my sidebar, seriously, I've done and got my free $25 within a day or two after they did their test deposit of some pocket change. It's worth it even if I never use the service again.

In house news we are getting vinyl siding in the next couple of weeks. We had a couple of estimates, Sears and Window World and Window World definitely won our business after we learned about some problems withe Sears upolding warranties and Window World gave us a better site and a house we could see that they actually did the siding for, something Sears wouldn't do which left us scratching our heads. Plus, when we told Sears about getting a better price they offered to drop their price by $5000! What the??? You mean you were ripping us off by THAT MUCH with your previous estiate or you're going to cut corners by that much now...hmm, no thanks! So, we got a free upgrade from Window World on the insulation in the end too and they are doing some extra trim and stuff that Sears wasn't doing. I'll be posting before and after pics and can't wait to see the final product. We are not having them side our garage since that's next to be updated...knocked down and replaced along with a resurfaced driveway in a year or two. So, that's it for house news.

In Emma news, she's become quite the opinionated shopper when out shopping with Grammy and mama...she'll tell ya if she doesn't like a pair of shoes or a bracelet that she's trying on. We'll have to be sure that opinion doesn't slip out during gift opening at her birthday party in June,that wouldn't be good! She's all excited because we've been telling her after her next birthday (by a couple of months, but anyway) she'll be starting pre-school at mommy and daddy's work so she's all excited about that! She's totally potty trained so that's really nice, but she insists on checking out the bathrooms everywhere we go, sometimes twice! The next hurdle will be losing that "sucker" pacifier on he rext birthday. We told her in adavnce, we've been warning her for awhile now. She only has it for bedtime and naps and on long car rides but I'm sure it will be tough to ditch that habit!

As for the Weight Watchers, it's going well! I'm down 25 pounds now and still haven't really started regular exercise yet, but I'll have more time and better weather in the coming weeks so plan on walking regularly and trying to get back into swimming or water aerobics at the local Aquatic Center. I know I need to get moving to keep the weight cming off.

Watch for the slideshow of recent pics...I hope I still have readers!!


crazy working mom said...

Glad to hear that all is well. 25lbs!!!! You go girl. :)
I think I've found it. heh heh heh

I can't wait to see those before and after pictures of the house.

Anonymous said...

Oh, lots of news!! And I'm still here, really! 25 lbs is awesome and the warming weather will certainly help with more.
Congrats on the potty training! I'm so jealous!!!
And house things... glad you found a good company to use. I hate when people try to be shafty up front and then later on change their minds.
I can't wait to see all the new pictures, too!

Mert said...

Way to go hot mama! Congrats on the 25 pounds! I'm stuck at 20 lbs, and even gain 2 lbs back but I'm not stressing... I know it will come off. It's not worth falling off the wagon for 2 lbs, right? I'm doing yoga every other day so I am hoping that some of the weight gain is due to muscle mass increase ;)

I can't wait to see the new siding, it's a good thing you guys did your home work, huh?

Your baby is going to be 3 soon! Congrats on getting her potty trained :D

~Virginia~ said...

wow! look at you! that is so great! congratulations! i'm totally considering weight watchers, too! you've inspired me! :)

i've got you on google reader so whenever you post, it lets me know!

glad to see you posting again! missed ya! take care.