Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A kid with a memory

Emma is one girl who has shown time and again what a memory she has!! She has talked about our visit to the zoo with her 2nd cousin Brittany which happened to be 2years ago when she was only just over a year old. She's talked about when we went to Sesame Street Live about 9 months ago, toys that she comes across she will talk about playing with when she was a "little tiny baby"! She's just hilarious when it comes to TV. She'll break out the Gene Simmon's Family Jewels theme song, see a commercial or picture of Dog the Bounty Hunter and say, "that's Dog!"...we have not watched that show in probably a year but a new season just started so she's been seeing commercials. She recognizes the theme song for Hell's Kitchen and photos of Gordon Ramsey in a magazine led her to exclaim, "Hell's Kitchen guy!"

Last night, the newest example of her little memory, which I swear is not all TV related though this example is...some commercial was talking about saving money and she was playing with her toys, not even watching TV but hearing them say something about saving money and she looked at me and said, "save money, live better" and I said what? She said "save money, live better, Wal Mart" haha! Oh yeah, I do remember those commercials now! Needless to say, we were laughing pretty hard at that one...and deciding it was time to turn off the TV for the night!


Anonymous said...

That is so funny! I like the "Hell's Kitchen Guy!" the best.
It's funny the things kids hear... that's why I have to be careful! I turn off the radio when a certain station plays their commercials which are mostly for "adult" things.
Sam is funny, he picks up on all things. I mentioned Obama and McCain when going through our president cards ($1 at target!) and he said "like on the radio". And the other day, I heard him humming "Renegades of Funk" in the car after the song was done.

Mert said...

OMG SO funny! Kids do have amazing memory... a little too much as a matter of fact ;)