Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thank you Beth!!

I just had to post a quick thank you to my dear friend Beth!! She sent me a fantastic birthday gift/swap package! We are doing a little swap kind of for both of our birthdays and I am making her jewelry and she made me awesome quilted coasters, an M family magnet, some beautiful jewelry gift boxes, cool beads, a really cool pendant that is birds on a branch with a nest, really cool, all kinds of goodies and I probably forgot to mention something! She made the card and it's absolutely beautiful! I took pictures, just left the camera at home so can't load them just yet. If she posts pictures like she thought she would then you can see them here! Plus, her blog is a great read anyway, so get over there! hehe, I'm the boss, despite what my 3 year old might tell you since she thinks she's the boss!

Well, I'm off tomorrow for the holiday so I'm hoping to finally tackle setting up my Etsy shop, I know I've been talking about it long enough I should really get on it but I think I need to create some peices first to post there, I want to do a little bit of customization so people can choose color schemes and stuff but I've had suggestions to at least have some base peices then let people customize those with different colors maybe. So, I do want to do some sort of work on this project tomorrow with my day off and all...I'll keep you posted! I'm now throwing around a few names so I'll be posting a survey with some ideas for voting, watch for it! :)


mtelizabeth said...

I'm super-glad you loved everything! I such a good time putting the package together and I can't wait to see what you create with the beads!!

(Pictures are up at my blog)

Good luck with the shop preparations. It's hard to know where to start... can't wait to see the survey and read the different names you've come up with!

mtelizabeth said...

(OK, duh! The survey's right there!)
And since I could only vote for one, I just wanted to say that I also like "Itty Bitty Beady".

~Virginia~ said...

hope you had a great holiday weekend! :) voted in your poll--i was torn between the 1st two, but decided to go for the "path" one. :)

Mert said...

Oh, so hard to choose with the names, they are all cute!

Sounds like you got a really nice gift... box o' gifts :D You deserve it!