Thursday, September 4, 2008

Birthdays, Germs and more

I had to put a quick note to thank my fabulous BFF Mary for pimping my blog once again with a NEW banner! I love it! Thank you so much for always helping my blog look so pretty!! :)

I cannot believe how big she looks!
Well our household is one filled with germs that I wouldn't try to share with ANYONE! It all started last Wednesday night when Trevor ran to the bathroom and puked followed a little while later and still through this morning with trips to the restroom for frequent diarrhea...yeah, not fun to be losing it from both ends! So, urgent care on Friday night diagnosed him with gastroenteritis and prescribed Cipro. Our nice long weekend was not too enjoyable aside from a really fun birthday dinner over at Mom's house for my stepdad's 50th birthday. But, we braved a little road trip Monday (Labor Day) when Trevor was feeling a bit better. We headed to the beach in the Manitowoc/Two Rivers area and had a nice relaxing day on the beach...until my stomach started rumbling and Emma's nose started running. With a stop for some food (bad idea) and some medicine for Emma's new cold, we headed home and I headed for the nearest gas station restroom twice on the way home. Just great! I too started out with vomiting and diarrhea, the last of which was still with me this morning and while I was home sick with Trevor and Emma the last two days, I GOT HER COLD! Ugh!

So, our household went through countless paper products and soap & water in the last week, let's hope we're all feeling better by the weekend!

Anyway, here are the pictures from the last few days, it's been fun dressing Emma for school two mornings a week and she's having so much fun! Next week is their first Show & Tell and she's going to take pictures from Niagara Falls and her sandals that she got at Cave of the Winds, I can't wait to hear how her first Show & Tell goes!
Don't forget to stop by Tish's blog to see pics of her beautiful baby Emily!


~Virginia~ said...

she looks so big! she's gonna be a tall one! :) hope everyone's gotten to feeling better. have a good weekend!

Mert said...

AWWW! She is getting so big! She looks adorable. You poor things... nothing worse than having a stomach bug... coming AND going. Blah!

BTW, as always... my pleasure. I love doing stuff for ya, BFF!

elizabeth said...

This was me while reading you blog today"
"Oooo! New banner, very nice!"
"Oh no, Trevor is sick!That doesn't sound good at all."
"That Emma! She's getting so big, and such a good picture taker!"
"Her beach photos are beautiful! That one of Trevor and Emma has great composition."
"Uh-oh, two stops at the gas station?"

I hope you feel better soon! And get a little time to "craft" this weekend with your glue gun ;o)

Kim said...

My goodness, she is getting big! Sorry to hear that you've got the sickness going through your house. At least you got to have fun on the beach first.

kim formerly @ thebitterball

Jennfactor 10 said...

Oh, the cold on top of the bug? Not fair!

Hope you're feeling better!

(and you new header IS purty!)