Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New clips & Old photos...

In case you haven't visited my Etsy shop in awhile, I've added children's hair clips to my site! I only have a few designs shown but plan on taking photos of more I've made in the last few days! I have tons of colors and designs of ribbon which I will be photographing so people can customize their hairclips. I even tried one on myself and it even worked well in my hair!

Check it out here!

Plus, my BFF Mary is setting up her Etsy shop so you better watch her site, it will be up and running soon! She'll even be listing some skull purses which are perfect for this time of year especially with Halloween coming! Check her Positively Delightful site out!

I leave you with some old photos discovered while preparing the photo collages for my grandma's funeral last weekend. Don't laugh too hard at those goofy glasses and hair I sported back in the day! The first few are some of my MOST favorite photos of my grandma (and grandpa).


~Virginia~ said...

that 1st picture is absolutely brilliant! what a beautiful moment!

Mert said...

Your grandma was in the Marines? OOOOOH RAH! Very cool :D I love to see older photos like that, especially sepia ones and black/white.

i love how you and grandma have the same shirts on!

Thanks for the shout out BFF :) I really appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

I love the pics but the almost last one looks like me! How funny.

Anonymous said...

im sorry, anonymous is amanda, i hit the wrong button.