Friday, September 26, 2008

The return of Thursday Thirteen...randomness

1. Emma starts little tumblers tomorrow morning, a kid's gymnastics class and she's SO excited!

2. For the first time since I started Weight Watchers I am REALLY nervouse about weigh-in tomorrow, I feel SO bloated and icky this week and know I was stress eating lately.

3. Candy corn has to be straight from the devil and calls my name from the moment it hits the store shelves. I finally threw away what was left of the bag at home (and at work). I vow to not buy any more! (this year)

4. I'm at the point now I actually look forward to going to the gym and miss it when I don't get to go. I plan on trying to get there 4 days a week now instead of usually 3 and sometimes less.

5. I made a ton of progress on a HUGE project at work today and it was something I never thought I'd finish and didn't know where to begin on!

6. I have to work on my performance evaluation for work this weekend, time to start thinking positively about myself and trying to make myself sound fabulous!

7. I'm in search of ideas for promoting my Etsy site and welcome any suggestions anyone may have!

8. A super fabulous blogger offered to give me some jewelry displays! Thanks Jen!

9. I have a Lia Sophia party next Thursday at my house which is a disaster area so a large part of my weekend will be CLEANING (one of my LEAST favorite activities!)

10. Can you believe it will be October next week??? For some reason I just cannot believe that! However, I cannot wait until the Halloween and Trick or Treating festivities begin because we found TWO CUTE costumes for Emma this year!

11. A shopping bug bit me big time lately and I've just been going nuts getting clothes to fit me now that I'm down 40 pounds since I last wore my fall/winter clothes and buying stuff for jewelry and hair clippy making of course too. I'm reigning myself in! I need to stop!

12. Ooh, I love some of the purses and shoes on Piperlime! They take Old Navy Card! STOP! I will not shop! I will not shop!

13. I told Trevor last night that I want to get back to church, we have not gone in a seriously long time and we need to make time to go to our usual Saturday evening service we used to go to.

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~Virginia~ said...

you had to go and say "candy corn"!! gah!! love the stuff! hope the weigh-in went well! :)