Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday Thirteen...random!

1. Tomorrow is our 5th anniversary, some days it feels like a few years sometimes feels like an's good and bad but as long as the good outweighs the bad it works!

2. That Happy Anniversary song by The Little River Band is stuck in my head now! (and if you know that song I bet it's stuck in yours too now)

3. Emma loves preschool and grammy and I are diggin' dressing her for school...daddy doesn't care so much, it's a girly thing!

4. I'm still in a weight loss plateau...stuck around 40 pounds, teetering between 38, 39, 40, 41...dying to hit the 50 pounds lost mark! Gotta get more gym time!

5. I made one long necklace and got one at my recent Lia Sophia party and now I'm hooked on long necklaces...I need more beading time to make more! Speaking of that I'm looking for more ideas on advertising!

6. I've been on a frenzied music kick lately listening to everything from Eric Clapton and Stevie Wonder to Boys Like Girls, Weezer and Fall Out Boy to 50 Cent, Timbaland and even Emma's CD's! hehe

7. I'm seriously looking forward to our little one night up in Door County and people think we're weird for taking Emma and never doing vacations without her but we love it and miss her if we are away from her for even one night!

8. It's almost springy weather lately, it's supposed to be in the mid-70's this weekend, I can hardly believe it...but I'm not complaining!

9. I have baby fever big time, wanna be pregnant...working on it! Surrounded by babies and pregnancies it seems!

10. Lately I can't get enough of sappy movies and microwave kettle corn...wish I had more time for that too!

11. It's amazing how a little 3 year old can brighten your day like nothing else!

12. Time to go see her now!

13. TGIF!!!


~Virginia~ said...

okay. i thought it was just me. there's baby fever EVERYWHERE. everyone around me is either pregnant or trying to get pregnant. as a matter of fact, i'm co-hosting an office baby shower this afternoon. the one good thing (for me) is that the more people talk baby-shop, the more i realize, i'm just not ready yet.

and 40 pounds is AWESOME!! i've lost 6 pounds, but now i've sort of stopped for some reason. grr. working your butt off in the gym and not seeing results is frustrating. i'm even eating better! but to no avail. sigh.

now i'm just rambling. have a great weekend!

elizabeth said...

Happy Anniversary!! And 40 is great! Good luck with the next 10 and the 10 after that and the 10 after that....

We're going away for the weekend because it's supposed to be so nice! Almost 80 degrees on Sunday. Do you think warm enough for the beach?

Tee hee: keep "working on" that baby! I know, I get fever sometimes too. Not since this last one, though!!

We watched "Made of Honor" last night. Pretty good, not too typical, and it had Patrick Dempsey. AWEsome. Watched it right after Grey's too. I don't think I can ever watch enough of that man. Other good sappy movies: "And then She Found Me" and "King of California".