Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday Thirteen...varied music taste I spoke of

A selection of the latest CD's I've bought and have in my car for my listening pleasure alongside Emma's kiddo CD's which are quite fun too!

1. M.I.A-Kala M.I.A. PAPER PLANES.mp3 - Mia LOVE that song!
2. Rehab-Graffiti the World
3. The Verve-Urban Hymns
Bitter Sweet Symphony - The Verve
4. Saving AbelAddicted - Saving Abel
5. Stevie Wonder-#1'sSir Duke - Stevie Wonder
6. The Best of Eric ClaptonCocaine - ERIC CLAPTON
7. WeezerBuddy Holly - Weezer
8. Offspring-Greatest HitsSelf-Esteem - The Offspring
9. Ray LaMontagne-Till the Sun Turns Black & Gossip in the Grain (If you have yet to experience Ray, you GOTTA listen...I have his other CD Trouble and Emma requests it often! Plus, when we popped in the new CD in the car one day, a faster song came on and she recognized his voice and said "trouble trouble trouble!" That song is her favorite and much slower, we were pretty amazed that she recognized his voice like that!Trouble - Ray LaMontagne

As a side note, I pronounce it as Lamontayn but the chic at Barnes & Noble acted like she didn't know who I meant then was like, "oh, Ray "lamontaaj" like all french fancy sounding!
10. Estelle-ShineAmerican Boy (Radio Edit w/ Kanye) - Estelle
11. Adele-19Daydreamer - Adele
Shake It - Metro Station
12. Metro Station
13. Pink-Funhouse CD and I'm Not Dead CD - Nana na na na nana, I wanna start a fight! heheSo What - P!nk


elizabeth said...

I'm saving the MIA song for last... I LOVE IT!
That Addicted song is racy! Oh, naughty, Michelle! It's got a good sound, though.
I never knew that Stevie Wonder song was called "Sir Duke"! Like it!
The Verve song is and "old" classic, as is "Buddy Holly" and "Self-Esteem".
Not sure if I'm digging Ray LaMontagne, since the clip was so short... but it didn't sound half bad!
Thanks for posting some songs! I love hearing new stuff.

Ambitious Blonde said...

The "Paper Planes" song makes me wanna put my head in the oven. Sorry, dear!

"So What" is my ringtone.

Check out Adele, I think you'll like her. :)