Friday, December 5, 2008

Holiday Optimism? Well photos at least!

I'm trying my hardest to stay optimistic these days. Sometimes all that's going on with the economy and stuff gets you worried. Even work talks about our financial situation and that they are not doing lay-offs (but I wonder if it might come someday) but they ask for people to voluteer to work one less day a week. You get to keep full-time benefits but we could never handle getting paid one less day a week in our household plus my desk is never clean and free from work! Trevor already had his work hours cut, he's only working 16 hours instead of the 32 or even 24 he used to get so he's already talking about selling a vehicle! We are lucky to have no house payment to worry about losing our house like my friend Mary. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers, she's worried about her husband losing his job.

It seems this is a concern for so many people, Trevor has had recent work drama too with a new supervisor and is one step away from losing his job simply because he CANNOT work 3rd shift, which the company has known all along, because he has Emma all day long and could not sleep during the day to do 3rd shift if needed and I work all day too and can't very well call in sick if he got called in for 3rd shift like that! They actually did make that suggestion to him in their meeting this week! He told them that my job has the benefits and full-time hours we rely on so we couldn't possibly put myjob in jeopardy that way! Meanwhile he's looking for other work in case he loses his job or just to get out of that place finally! Probably not a good plan either since most places are likely not hiring. Another family member also lost his job in the automotive industry recently and another self-employed relative who works in construction is finding it hard to get jobs.

Anyway, I try to stay fairly optimistic and remember that everything happens for a reason and what's meant to be will be but I know telling someone that who just lost their job or has a spouse who did is a joke. You never can feel that way too much when you'r the one being affected. I hope for the best and maybe Obama will bring some change to things when he takes office, hard to say.

Meanwhile, I go about my life, spend time with family and plan for things as much as possible and try not to watch too much news or dwell on the negative too much. My husband is the more pessimistic while I'm more optimistic and hopeful so we're a good balance!

Here's our holiday pictures & some recent photos I'm not sure if I shared yet! Enjoy the weekend!

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crazy working mom said...

Well, we just have to all keep our fingers crossed and say a prayer for one another because times are tough for everyone. I hope you guys have a beautiful holiday!

I loved the slide show.