Friday, December 29, 2006

New blog to ring in the new year!

Here we are! After reading some blogs of my friends for months now I've decided to join in! I don't know if I'll have interesting things to say quite like my friends do. Missy always manages to make me laugh; I always enjoy the posts by Beth, especially when she shows me her projects she's finished or shared stories about her family or the house-selling headaches! And the blog here, although not recently updated, is hilarious, especially for someone like me who has worked in customer service and call centers in the past! Finally, The Happy Hellenist is always a good read and makes me realize I never knew how smart she was when I thought I knew her quite well a few years ago! ;)

So, those are the blogs I read most. I have some links on my page here to some sites I love too, news, the Grrr Column, etc. I'm sure I'll add more as time goes by, it's only my first day!

I plan to indulge more about me and my little family as well...however, I just discovered it's nearly 3pm and the college is closing early today for the New Year's weekend. Most likely, my next post will be in the new year...2007!!!


Melissa said...

Welcome aboard and happy New Year! Can't wait to read you more. Keep the pictures of Emma coming-she is adorable!

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations are in order!
And a Happy New year!