Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! It's the third today, so I realize I am late in my posting a Happy New Year blog. We had off work Monday and Tuesday and I have no patience for the dial-up computer at home. Plus, my 18-month-old would have had to plunk away on the keyboard, making this blog unreadable! I can't seem to find time to work on things like my blog or digital photos except for when I am at work typically. Yesterday was no exception, we had to take both of the kitties to the vet for an annual exam, which I asked about because they had an exam last June/July and vaccines. Well, now they recommend this exam in addition to that one as preventative care. PLUS, while we were there they tried selling us a $149 exam/bloodwork, etc. since the kitties are now considered "elderly" at the age of 8! I happen to think that's outrageous, my husband agrees, we decided to skip that one and hope for the best. I just find it difficult to spend that kind of money when they seem quite healthy and happy. Please don't think I'm insenstive or that I don't love my kitties.

Anyway, back at work today, I'm finding it difficult to keep straight which day it is...feels like a Monday and I'd rather be curled up napping like Cosmo & Coco did after their vet appointments! I'll be glad to get back into a normal 5-day work week as strange as that sounds. I will really feel like it's a new year when Monday finally rolls around...I think. Right now I can't stop typing 12 for december when I'm entering students in a database, and keep typing 06 instead of 07...Grrr!

As far as resolutions go, I normally kind of think up something in my head, don't really tell anyone since it normally falls by the wayside a few weeks later and it almost always involves losing weight, exercising more, blah blah blah. I've decided I will have more success if I don't make it a resolution! I already started down that path roughly 2 months ago after a doctor's visit led to a referral to another one who did and upper GI, I already knew I had acid reflux, was put on Nexium and the GI revealed Barrett's Esophagus, a pre-cancerous condition that my mom also has. I took it pretty seriously, knew already I needed to lose weight and exercise but this doc just kind of put things in perspective better or motivated me more than normal for some I joined Curves, which I LOVE by the way and gave up french fries (other than a few off my husband's plate from time to time or curry chips from Duke of Devon in Sheboygan), switched to diet soda, try not to eat late, try to eat less sweets (hardest part), and eat smaller portions...that kind of stuff. So far, so good, I've dropped about 15 pounds after starting off losing about 20, putting on a few more during the holidays and just this last week getting back on track now that mom's fudge and cookies and all the goodies are gone. That's the great stuff you only get once a year that I have a hard time avoiding! Moderation is key in that case!

So, back to resolutions...I told you there would be ramblings...I have decided to make kind of an all-encompassing resolution to keep up with housework better, (not just rely on my "stay-at-home-daddy" husband to do everything), appreciate my husband more and spend more time as a couple (easy to get so involved with our daughter that we don't take time alone as a couple), attend church more often (get over fear that daughter will not sit still/make noise/annoy the older church-goers)...that pretty much sums it up I think...and I want to keep up this blog!

Happy New Year!


Elizabeth said...

Happy New Year!
I totally agree with you about the vet. There is no reason to have that service done if your pets are happy and healthy. I think they're trying to going along with the popular belief that pets "are family" and people would do anything for them. I think that is ridiculous, all the catering to pets nowadays, but if there are people out there who want that stuff, there are merchants willing to provide it.
Still, that doesn't mean you love your pets any less if you don't buy them all the latest in pet gear and get the $300 pet scan to see if anything's wrong!

And I'm so glad that you've been able to keep up the exercising and eating better. Especially keeping away from french fries! I love french fries. And you're right about the holidays... moderation! But it is good that the sweet stuff is all gone now, it's too tempting.

Melissa said...

You aren't a rotten pet owner. I cheerfully say "No thanks!" when they try to push the pricey diagnostic tests on my fat, sassy healthy babies as well.

Acid reflux HURTS! So far I've managed to avoid the Nexium, but it's no fun. Neither are gallstones. Trust me.

Way to go on the weight loss! I'm heavier than I was last year, but I lost the weight the wrong way (not eating + stress = weight loss, but it comes back FAST when you feel better!)Sounds like you're doing what you need to in order to be healthy. Look out for the diet pop though-it actually cranks up your appetite and be counter-productive.

Good luck sticking with your resolutions! At least stick with the blog-I love hearing what people are up to. ;)

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Thanks beth & melissa! :) I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks the vet is nuts to want me to pay for those extras when my kitties are healthy!

I'm glad I've been pretty well behaved diet-wise too, I have had trouble with the sweets over the holidays, love the fudge and cookies and stuff that my mom makes and only once a year at that!

As for diet soda, yes I have heard that actually. I've been cutting down on that too and drinking as much water as I can. I drink water all day at work and normally have a soda for lunch and at dinner, sometimes I'll skip the lunch one.

It's been nice keeping in touch with both of you, we'll be sure to keep it going! :)