Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Meme Tag!

I was tagged by a hilarious writer and newly reconnected friend Melissa to participate in this meme in which I need to share five little-known facts about myself. Since I've been SO busy at work today and spent half my Tuesday in a meeting, I'm hoping I can find 5 things to write about!

Five Little-Known Facts About Not So Anonymous ME:

  1. Hmm, for some reason my list of past jobs kind of popped in my head so here we go...I of course babysat for most of my teen and tween life, not only for my family but for friends, family friends, neighbors, etc.; I was a file clear/typist/copy girl at the law office my mom worked at; Table busser/pizza maker/buffet person at Shakey's with some fun older 18-25 year olds and Scott-my first crush that I went on a date with and later attended UW-FDL with (I miss the lasagna and free tokens/toys in the gameroom, fun place); clerk in the deli at Sentry with a bunch of older ladies (one of my favorites); cashier at Walgreens (another favorite, fun people and my "first" with Tim, my manager at the time who I had a huge crush on who conveniently waited until I was18; department clerk/cashier/cash office associate at Walmart (also fun, cash office was cool, SO much money passed through my hands in those days); CheckFree in Ohio - data entry/call center (the back end of online banking for most financial institutions - got some great experience there); assistant to my great aunt, a realtor, running errands and doing realtor stuff (fun, got to drive her nice new Buick and eat bagels at her son's shop - Bagelmeister); temp job at Charter main office in the Purchasing Department doing data entry (wish it would have turned full time); CSR at Charter call center (sales sucks, the people are great and I'm still friends with some of them); Marian College - my current job is in School of Nursing, which I LOVE so much but I started out in Academic Affairs which was not as fun and more isolated. School of Nursing is like a 2nd family *warm fuzzy*

  2. Since I got a little carried away on my #1, I have to think a minute about #2 and make the rest of these a little short I think! Ok, little known fact #2 about ME...I have a very wide array of music that I like, I will listen to almost any type of music depending on my mood and I shamelessly admit this includes: Eminem, Pussycat Dolls, Fergie, Elvis, Johnny Cash, some country music, old rock, new rock, some oldies, Britney Spears, kids music and so much more...don't laugh!

  3. I also somewhat shamelessly enjoy TV shows that some may find hard to believe...unlike Melissa I do enjoy American Idol; I also like Real World when I catch it in a moment when I can sit and watch it; I like home improvement and cooking shows; some more shows I like are House, Two & Half Men, New Adventures of the Old Christine, Ghost Hunters, Sex & the City reruns, Wheel of Fortune when we're home in the evening (don't laugh), the list goes on!

  4. I, oddly enough, REALLY enjoy going to Curves to work out (the first time that's ever been an enjoyable thing, exercise...fun? who am I??) I hate it when I have to miss a day because I'm sick or too busy to find time to go and I almost love it enough that I contemplate getting up at like 5am two days a week to go then instead of evenings.

  5. I seriously think I have Adult ADD or something, I have a big problem trying to concentrate on one task at a time, at work I'll have multiple documents going at once, emails flying around, and my blogging...I have a problem but it's still under control! haha!


Melissa said...

Some of this stuff I already knew about you, but I bet you can say the same for my list o' five. ;)

I hear you on the adult ADD. My mind goes something like "Vaccuuming, hey it's Target Tuesday for new releases! Ooh look a froggy! I wonder if we have any cookies? Hawaii sounds nice." It's maddening and entertaining at the same time.

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Melissa - Yeah it was fun reading your 5 too, some of it I knew already, not the politics thing, that's cool!

Yeah my mind is like that too!! So random or something! haha...it is kind of hilarious and fun at times and like you said, maddening other times. I can never look back on a day on all the things I've accomplished because I do bits & peices of all kinds of stuff, sometimes I did accomplish a lot but it feels like less since it was SO scattered!

Virginia, like the state! said...

I too suffer from Adult ADD at times...makes an office job that much harder, huh? :)