Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Inflatable Nativity...are you kidding me?

We were just laughing about our work study's neighbor who has an inflatable nativity scene...anyone else think there is something really wrong about that? She laughed and said...it's just wrong, it's a fat mary and Joseph and inflatable baby Jesus is just creepy! It is further disturbing that these are sold out on one website I saw them!

The kids one is a little cute, the kids can play with it?? But I just don't know, something just seems not right about that.


Elizabeth said...

There was one of those inflatable ones on my way home from work, through the orthodox jewish neighborhood, natch. It struck me as odd every time I drove past it, all lighted up. Inflatable anythings are just weird, like who needs a giant snowglobe on their front lawn? Things have gone from tasteful to tasteless and I don't like it one bit.

ANd that kids one? It's a little and the, I don't know, LARGE side? I can see a small one (little people has a nativty set) for your kids and helping them learn about how Jesus was born, etc, but a near life-size one? Where the heck would you store it is my "big" question!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Beth - Yeah the life size thing kind of creeps me out! haha!

Melissa said...

The Fisher-Price life-sized "My First Nativity" is starting to haunt my dreams.