Friday, January 5, 2007


As our daughter is getting closer to that "terrible 2" age, she is starting to develop more and more personality and opinions! Some of her favoirite words are "no way", "go" and telling the cat that hates her to "shut up"...that last one is actually kind of hilarious because we frequently tell that cat the same thing when she's whining! The "no way" is normally when we say come here for your diaper change or come here and get your coat on, etc. Last night I was trying to take her home from mom's and wanted to get her coat on and my requests were met with No Way and what I refer to as noodle baby, when you try to pick them up and they lift their arms and do the limp thing that makes it VERY difficult to pick them up! I am learning, and I had to just pick her up and MAKE her get her coat on, quite fun and my mom has been trying to help me tackle these moments, I have to learn to MAKE her do things, stop letting her be the boss and asking her to do things, go get her and make her do it. We also had someone recommend the book/DVDs called 1-2-3 Magic, after skimming that it sounds basically like the whole counting/time out thing. I have heard from friends at work that it does work and also that leaving somewhere if you're in public and get a tantrum (which luckily has not occurred yet) also works. However, I'm not a huge fan of leaving a cart full of groceries to go home and make my child sit in her crib while I accomplish nothing. Supposedly it normally only takes one time of doing this though for the kid to realize not to pull that again! We'll see I'm sure! She's just so strong willed and a monkey/daredevil. Last night, climber that she is, she decided to climb onto the wooden rocker and across the nearly foot long gap to the couch, even one time standing on the arm of the couch...sorry but if she fell backwards into that solid wood rocker, or sideways into the wood coffeetable, I can only imagine the possibly blood and need for stitches! I tried grabbing her as she climbed up and holding her on my lap (with a struggle) for a minute or two then telling her NO MORE CLIMBING before she got down and guess what, no luck, she climbed right back up repeatedly! Granted it was just before bedtime, and she was tired, a time she loves to test our pateince, but I have to stop making excuses and tackle this now so she is still a good kid as she gets bigger...I love getting complimented at church, in the store, restaurants, etc. on how good she is...thankfully those people have not witnessed such scenes as we have at home!

Any pointers you have and things you've used on your kids?

Idiot quote of the day:

Well, we've made the decision to defeat the terrorists abroad so we don't have to face them here at home. And when you engage the terrorists abroad, it causes activity and action. --George w. Bush Washington, DC04/28/2005

On a more fun picture of the day is instead a video of the day from early summer, wow how little Emma looks there, that I came across as I scanned for a photo to post today! Shake it!


Melissa said...

1-2-3 Magic! kicks ass. :)

My assvice-do what feels right for you as a mom first and foremost, and get your family in your corner as much as you can. Kids figure out the weaker links at a remarkably young age.

Be firm but loving, be consistent with negative AND positive consequences, and then be consistent some more. They're less likely to mess with you if they can't smell fear. ;)

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Melissa...thanks for the assvice, hehe! I agree, I have read that consistency and being firm but loving is key as well as the positive and negative consequences. I am really good at the positive, I'm just learning to get better at the negative and the firmness. Even at just over 18 months, Emma knows how to push my buttons and knows Daddy won't let her get away with as much!