Thursday, January 4, 2007

Blog-O-Matic and Bittersweet Dreams

Missy's pics reminded me that I had a file called's one of them that I saved.

I had some weird dreams lately...about people in my life now but they appeared younger in the dream...about people that used to be in my life that I might still see around town...most recently someone I dated before that once appeared at our church for a baptism and completely threw me off, I don't recall saying hello, I think we made eye contact and did the uncomfortable avoidance thing, especially since I was with my husband and baby, how awkward. Then, I dreamt about him the other night, he was depressed in the dream and I was trying to cheer him up then the next night, last night, saw him in the video store, again the eye contact and look away thing (I think). This time husband and baby were in the car, but it still felt really weird! I had that hot embarrassed feeling...hate that!

I wasnt' going to blog about that...changed my mind. Have you ever had such weird things like that happen, had weird dreams too that stuck with you for hours, days, weeks? Recurring dreams or themes? Anyway, I was looking for inspiration on what to blog on today on of my favorite sites I visit many times a day, when I found blog-o-matic. Take a look, it's a funny thing that changes each time you refresh. Fun!

For my blog, I've decided I might do a word, quote and/or joke of the day, sometimes maybe picture of the day, one of those, sometimes more...we'll see! Thanks again Google for starting my brain spinning! ;)

Today when I clicked the link to attach a photo I decided to just open my My Documents folder and attach the first photo that jumps out at me with a caption. Enjoy!


Melissa said...

Gotta love the "awkward ex" encounters. I've had more than enough of them myself lately. I find myself screwing mine in Dreamland more often than not. That makes me wake up screaming sometimes....

And yes, the world does love the taste of really sweet dreams, but if you grab a fork and go all stabby at it, it will leave your dreams alone. That and it has the added benefit of getting rid of people you don't necessarily want to talk to anyway because they think you're going to go all stabby on them with the fork.

Yeah, that was a random and borderline disturbing comment, wasn't it?

Elizabeth said...

Gee, I think I'll try Melissa's fork thing. *stabby stabby*

I used to dream about certain people very frequently. And I found out they were getting married, somewhat by accident. Then I thought about him all the time. It drove me nuts. I saw the wedding picture in the paper (yes, I googled him AGAIN!.. I'm shameless sometimes) and now I've forgetten about him, finally.
I haven't run into him, though, thank God. I haven't really run into anyone I used to know. That's pretty weird, or good, because I probably don't need that right now.

I talked to someone else about this phenomenon a while ago, and she said to me that it was only natural to think about these people, who had you focus and were a part of your life for a while, be it long or short. It made me feel better. And I think it slowed down the recurrence of the dreams/themes... but still, sometimes they stick with you. And of course, sightings will always trigger more dreams!

I have no way to end this!
Love reading your blog, you're doing such a great job :)

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Thank you! I'm glad you're both enjoying the blog! :) Yes, those "awkward ex" encounters and the dreams, geez! I hope I never talk in my sleep those nights, my husband says I didn't when I ask, I don't tell him why I'm asking. Don't need to give him any reason to worry! You know how men can be, thinking there's more to things like that!