Monday, February 5, 2007

Fingerprints, Super Bowl Commercials & Paint

Is it cold today or what? Of course Marian did not close despite so many area schools closing!
We survived our COLD trip to Immigration on Friday. Trevor had his fingerprints scanned on the computer screen, the FBI replied to each print giving the OK and now we wait up to 90 days for the next correspondence, his interview appointment! We had a nice day overall, we went to Bayshore Town Center and had a delicious lunch at Potbelly Sandwich Works before heading to Trader Joes for our shopping! I got some new finds at TJ's in addition to some favorites. I must recommend the lotion - 'A Midsummer Night's Cream'...very nice for dry winter skin! Their sampling is very effective, we bought that after trying it in addition to the Mango Passion Fruit juice and Spizzaco Appetizer Pizzas after trying those. Yum! I got some tasty chocolate merengues, trail mix granola bars and big cashews! But, the best pizza, for someone who normally doesn't like thin crust or onions, is the absolutely fabulous Tarte D' Alsace: a version of a pizza with a very thin, crispy crust; ham + caramelized onions + gruyere cheese. GOOD GOD I LOVE THIS PIZZA! It's just the right size to eat the whole darn thing, yes it's meant to share, but you won't want to! So, we spent about $60, my typical tab at TJ's and very well spent!

Saturday I was mostly lazy over at my mom's house with Emma while Trevor worked. I did some homework, we watched a little TV and tried a burrito from Qdoba for lunch. Not bad, little dry, could have used more guacamole on it, but holy cow was it a fat stuffed burrito!! The steak in mine had such great flavor though, worth a repeat visit sometime I think. My stepdad went to pick it up for us so it was lukewarm too which didn't help, so I will have to go there to eat sometime. Then we did some painting Saturday night and I did more painting Sunday, our bathroom is shaping up well! I can't wait to see the finished product!
Sunday after painting and when Trevor got home we headed to my dad's to watch the Super Bowl (I only care about the commercials though) and we gobbled down some Burritos and Tacos. Yay Dad, great taco meat and chicken and all the fixin's to build your own taco, burrito or tostado. Very delicious and grandma's frosted brownies were yummy too!! Did you watch the commercials? I LOVED some of them, Budweiser did a great job as usual with the Rock, Paper, Scissors and a cute one with a dog. I also loved the Snickers one with the mechanics, hilarious! And I think one of my favorites was the Doritos one that I think was a submission from someone that won a contest or something. Very funny one! I always love a good laugh so I really enjoyed those commercials, the game was actually fairly good too, a few great plays and exciting stuff even though it's teams I don't care much about. I just had hoped the Bears would lose since I'm a Packer fan and they did so I was happy!
Stay warm!


Melissa said...

Sounds like a super-fun Friday! I love trying new places for lunch. Or supper. Or any meal, really. Evan and I went for Chinese on Wednesday and he LOVED it. I'm so glad he's getting a little more adventurous, culinarily speaking. ;)

Who makes the "Midsummer's Night Cream"? And does it smell good? Between the cold, dry air and me washing them so much to stay healthy, my hands are starting to look like tiny pink lizards. I could totally use some good lotion.

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Melissa...the cream is Trader Joe's own brand, really great stuff!

It's great Evan is becoming more adventurous in the culinary sense, it's more fun for you too then! I too love trying new things!

Elizabeth said...

Glad your trip went well! I'm going to wait until the weather's warmer to venture over that way again.
Sounds like a good restaurant... we're looking for someplace to go this weekend when, hopefully, the in-laws come over and can babysit.