Thursday, February 1, 2007

Alphabet Crackers In My Soup...A MEME!

I was kind of tagged, but mostly insprired by the HILARIOUS Wordnerd to participate in this alphabet meme. Here's a serving of Alphabet Soup all about me for you!

A - Available or married? Married...soon it will be 4 years already, which just dawned on me that it's been that long since Wordnerd and I stopped talking, so glad we reconnected!

B - Best Friend? Trevor (husband) and Mom

C - Cake or Pie? Cake, chocolate! But I do love my cherry pies ever since I made my first one with cherries off our cherry tree last summer!

D - Drink of Choice? Coca-Cola, flavored coffee, tea or water.

E - Essential Item? A watch, I hate when I forget to wear my watch and I'm digging watches lately, have a couple new ones I love!

F - Favorite Color? Depends if I'm wearing it or my daughter is or if I'm painting a room...too much goes into it.

G - Gummi Bears or Worms? Worms, never liked the bears but I don't know why.

H - Hometown? Fond du Lac.

I - Indulgence? Staying up late when my husband works till midnight and my daughter is in bed, watching "reality" shows or other crap TV.

J - January or February? Both are kind of blah months, but February is home to one of our two wedding anniversaries, so February wins!

K - Kids & names? One 19-month old Emma Rose, sassy and sweet and hilarious fun! :)

L - Life is incomplete without? Family, friends, pets, faith and love. (ditto)

M - Marriage Date? We had two weddings, Feb. 14th and Oct. 10th, 2003.

N - Number of Siblings? One brother Jason (the oldest of my siblings, I think he'll be 25 this year oh my gosh!), half-brother Chris (should be home from Army Reserves training soon!), stepbrother Christopher, stepsister Jessica, stepsister Amanda (the youngest who now is 14 and working at Arby's, I can't believe they let kids work at 14!)

O - Oranges or apples? Both, depends on my mood.

P - Phobias/Fears? Phobia - Spiders and other icky bugs. Fears - something bad happening to someone I love/losing someone I love.

Q - Favorite Quote? I couldn't think of one right now so picked my favorite from my 3 Google quotes today because it's so true, in my mind anyway. I've always meant to read classics, pick them up frequently and contemplate doing so, but change my mind!

"A classic is something that everybody wants to have read and nobody wants to read." - Mark Twain

R - Reason to Smile? My daughter, my husband, my family and friends, our home, health, job...I could go on, too many to list.

S - Season? Spring and Fall, but I love summer more now that we have a garden and it's so fun to play outside with Emma.

T - Tag three people! If three people even read my blog, I only know of two and one of them already did this!

U - Unknown fact about me: I ate a ladybug when I was a toddler.

V - Vegetable you hate? Beets or brussel sprouts

W - Worst habit? Lately I've been thinking that chewing on my fingers, not really biting the nails but those hangnails and that skin along the sides of your nails because now my daughter has her fingers in her mouth alot like she's biting her nails but she probably doesn't know what she's doing!

X - Xanadu...there was no X so I typed the first X word to come to mind.

Y - Your favorite food? Steak, chinese, mexican food, oddly enough hot dogs, cheese, chocolate. The list could go on and on and on...

Z - Zodiac? I'm a Gemini

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