Friday, February 16, 2007

Foto Friday...I'm too lazy to do a real post today

If you haven't already you can check out my newly added Flickr Fotos...Emma's life from day one to now, very fun!

The little stinker knows how to work the DVD player! The other night in our spare room upstairs while we assembled the new bathroom cabinet, we put in a cartoon dvd for Emma and she loved it. Trevor put it in again yesterday while they were up there doing stuff and she loves it, plays and dances and stuff...and they do a “where is thumbkin song” that grammy sings to her when she puts on her mittens, so she loves it.

Well, Trevor called me at work yesterday because they were up there again and he went in our room doing something while she was playing and he came back in there a couple of minutes later and she had gotten the dvd out, took it out of the case, opened the dvd player and put it in; hit play and turned on the TV and was sitting there watching it!!! I can hardly believe it!!! She really learns stuff fast!

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Elizabeth said...

Oh Ma'am, just you wait!

That's all I've got today ;)
The pics are adorable, btw!