Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen...

Yes, I know I don't do these things every week, like keeping with the theme of Thursday Thirteen...but here you go!

Thirteen things I did in the last 13 hours.

1. Added a Flickr Badge to my blogger with pictures from the day Em was born up to current.

2. Added some new favorite bloggers to my list.

3. Drank a tall almond amaretto cappuccino (and still felt tired!)
a. Woke up tired thinking I should not have stayed up waiting for hubby to get home from work!

4. Cursed myself for eating a donut and mini cupcake at work yesterday, only 3 days before my monthly Curves weigh & measure (UGH, maybe I'll reschedule! Damn Valentine's Day treats!)

5. Printed coupon for 20% off belated Valentine dinner at Cibo tonight with hubby.

6. Bought scratch-off lottery ticket. (my most recent borderline addiction is the $2 crossword ticket)


8. Bitched about the state of the world...more locally, drunk drivers who kill 21 year old girl's on the verge of graduation and flee the scene with a minor scratch on the hand). These kinds of news stories make me want to go vigilante, #%*@ing S.O.B's.

9. Cuddled with daughter before getting up to shower for was SO hard to get out of bed today!

10. Got sidetracked from my work uploading photos to flickr and finding inspiration for this post. I swear I have Adult ADD or something sometimes!

11. Made use of ALT-TAB keys to toggle screens to work related activities when co-workers walked past me! tee hee hee

12. Got back on track and took break from blogging to do work while toggled there anyway!

13. Fingerpainted valentines with my daughter to give to daddy, grandparents & uncle (actually little more than 13 hours ago)

HAPPY day between humpday and Friday!


Elizabeth said...

Oh my, have you been busy!
I wish I had your energy (despite the fact that caffeine seems to have no effect on you!), then maybe i could clean the house. Crap, we have an open house this weekend. Blech. That means I have to get my butt out of bed and clean!

And I have yet to delve into the valentine's treats. I've been running around everywhere this week, so my box-o-chocolates is still unopened. Yummmm... chocolate...

Melissa said...

I just got done looking at your family pictures, and my ovaries? Are SHRIEKING something that sounds like "Go get knocked up before all the eggs are inbreds and six-toes!"

Will YOU tell them the uterus is a lazy bitch? Because they aren't listening to me.

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Beth...I still didn't have enough energy to clean the house, not surprisingly I procrastinate on that until the last minute! With the upcoming Wednesday jewelry party I'll be cleaning Sunday and likely Tuesday night! haha

Melissa...hehehe! I will try to have a talk with your ovaries for ya! haha

Ash said...

You love me? I'm on your blogger I love? Well I love you too! It's good to meet someone else like me. Who hoo for dirty mouths that even orbit cant clean up!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said... the words of our beloved Sex & the City...Absofuckinlutely!