Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Ash in Wonderland recently recommended Pandora internet radio and I'm ETERNALLY grateful to her for it! I LOVE this thing and have created 3 stations since she blogged it on Friday. My stations are called Funkalicious, Fresh Freak and Fabulous Fun...I must be on an F-streak! It's fun, you put in artists and songs you like to create your station, you can create more stations then move stuff around to each other station if you decide to. It's fantastic!

So, Tuesday has been better than Monday was, I still have a small headache that came on early afternoon and have been typing like a maniac all day long but have accomplished much! I've managed to stay more focused today on work and revised an entire coursebook, typed one full set of minutes from a meeting I did not attend...both of these tasks required reading someone else's handwriting written in a pencil desperately in need of sharpening! I'm on question 15 of a 46 question exam I'm typing...procrastinating typing the 70 question one that has to be typed from scratch as well! Oddly enough, I kind of enjoy typing these though, especially the psych nursing tests, they are kind of interesting and fun! My work is more fun now that it's accompanied by fabulous music all day long! I keep it at a sensible level so as not to disturb the other secretary who's roughly 5 feet from me, no complaints so far, but she's so nice and not much of a complainer so maybe she wouldn't complain if it bugged her...oh well! :)

Happy Hump-day Tomorrow!

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Ash said...

Pandora is the shit, isn't it? I love me some Billy joel, the music they play using his name is awesome.
Thanks for the linkage!