Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen...again

DAMN IT! I was typing my Thursday Thirteen before I went to a meeting like an hour ago and it's gone! Grrr!

This week's Thursday Thirteen is simple...thirteen random thoughts that have bounced through my brain in the last two days!

1. WTF?!?!? Where is my blog! It was here before my meeting, I must have googled something without thinking and wiped it out. My last google...Nora, the piano playing cat!

2. I love Pandora more and more every day, I now have created 5 stations!

3. It looks so bright and sunny out but is much cooler today than the last couple of days. WHAAAATTT??? They are now calling for snow on Saturday and Sunday, Winter Storm Warning or some crap, geez! Almost all the snow finally melted and now there will be more. Ick!

4. Why do I yawn so many times in one day? I don't feel particularily tired, a little, but I get enough sleep, it's not overly warm in my office, I'm busy enough (to allow time to type this blog between pages of typing work)...hmmm

5. Relationships take work, no real relationship is easy, anything worth something takes work. Keep telling yourself that, some days are more work than others. Some days seem easy, as long as the harder days are outnumbered by the better days it's all good.

6. A SAHD (stay-at-home-daddy)has the same problems of feeling trapped, bored, used/abused as a SAHM(mommy). As the full-time working mommy I need to remember that and be more thoughtful, sympathetic and helpful around the house. Role reversal isn't always easy. Just because he works his security job part-time doesn't mean he has it easy being home all week with our toddler. But, he also has to see that I don't have it easy going off to work 5 days a week either, I'd swap spots if it worked for us, but it just doesn't at this point.

7. I LOVE JEWELRY! I had a lot of fun with my Lia Sophia Jewelry Party last night and can't wait to plan out all the discounted and free stuff I'll get! :)

8. I need to maintain my girlfriend relationships better than in the past, reconnecting with old friends made me realize I miss that part of me. The family part of me is wonderful of course, but what girl doesn't need girlfriend therapy...and retail therapy and chocolate therapy... ;)

9. Hmmm...a Wives of SAHD's group exists on Yahoo! I'm going to join and see what stories they have posted! Future blogs may have more details on this group if it's worthwhile!

10. Ten minutes until the end of my work day and it's Friday tomorrow! YAY!

11. I hope SAHD hubby isn't sad when I get home, he he, pun intended...he was mopey all day and I just want a nice evening at home with him and our daughter.

12. Mmm, I think we'll make pizza for supper, have a new DiGiorno Garlic Bread Pizza to try that looks OH SO TASTY!!

13. Well this was a nice way to spend my last 35-45 minutes of work today!

TGIF tomorrow!

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