Thursday, March 22, 2007

Adult ADD? Maybe, but I prefer skilled multitasker!

Did you ever have a day where you feel like some mundane task that took you all morning and part of the afternoon maybe should have taken you just an hour or two at the most if you stayed on task? I'm SO easily distracted, but I do finish all the work I'm presented and it's done on time so how bad can that be?

I just had been thinking about that today as I finished formatting an exam for one of our faculty members and started on some meeting minutes from a meeting we had on Tuesday. In between work I typically blog, read my favorite blogs, check headlines in the local paper, MSN & Drudge Report. I check my email and my husbands email, email back and forth with my mom, check our online jazz class messages and homework, sometimes shop online, etc. I also have an internet radio playing and sometimes will create new stations there. I love Pandora, thank you Ash! But, when work appears I do get it done and on time and I seek out additional work when I'm out of things to do. Anyone else like me in this regard? Maybe this is why I'm perfectly content in a secretarial position where I have time to devote to such things, rather than being on a faster track to get my degree completed and to pursue a managerial position.

I did take an Adult ADD test and this was my result:

"The responses you have provided indicate that your symptoms may be
with Adult ADD. Only your healthcare professional can
make a definite diagnosis. If you have concerns or questions regarding ADD,
please discuss your results with a physician and/or healthcare

Hmmm...I bet the majority of people get this result, what do you think?

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Elizabeth said...

Sometimes, I get so sick of "ADD"! Everyone has it blah blah blah.
I say, as long as you can focus enough to get what you need to done, you're OK!

As for the ADD quiz you took, I agree, a lot of people probably get the same result you did. In today's world, everyone is bombarded with tons of things all at once, one HAS to multitask!