Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Monkey hair, monkey toes, monkeys monkeys monkeys

So I got a haircut last night and I have short hair so sometimes my stylist goes a little berzerk with the styling and I think "Am I supposed to go out in public like this?" Don't get me wrong, I love my stylist, she's done my hair since I was in Jr. High or High School, she did my wedding hairdo and evertying in between and since! But, it seems that stylists typically like to get a little wild with the styling and my hair, being short, was quite spikey and big last night! Mom watched Emma for me and when I got to her house they were being sneeky and hiding in the the living room, I waited for their attack in the dining room and Emma came running, stopped short in between the living and dining rooms, took one look at me and said "monkey hair" and I start laughing and mom is like, did she just say "monkey hair"? Emma points at me and again says "monkey hair" and she was keeping her distance!

My little monkey loves monkeys, she has umpteen stuffed monkeys, monkey books, monkey socks, monkey shirts, a monkey cup (her recent fave from grammy), etc. so it was kind of not surprising for her to attach the word monkey to something else! This all began because from the time she was born she's had long toes like daddy and we call her monkey toes, so that name kind of stuck and led to a monkey obsession. Her mural on her wall is a jungle scene I painted when we moved in. So anyway, this was one of those hilarious moments anyway and gave me a bit of a complex about the hair since I already thought it was cut too short this time! It was cute though, she was leery to even come close to me for a minute then when she did she was touching my hair, patting it, feeling the funky spikes, giggling. Oh well, it made us all laugh so that's one for the baby book!
Speaking of baby books, I've GOT to catch up on that and photos and the Emma's 1st Year Scrapbook a family friend made me when she was born...considering she'll be 2 in June I'm feeling like a slacker mommy for not keeping up with that stuff better! I hear from other moms that this is quite common, I mean really, who has time? I have so many photos though stored up ready for scrapbooking and picture albums. I'm better with the framed photos around the house, when I get prints I right away update some frames but always keep a couple of the favorites of her from her lifetime including the shots of us bringing her home. I just hope memory serves me well as she grows up if I don't keep better written records of the silly, smart and outrageous moments she has!

On her first flight, with her best buddy monkey Harold...almost a year ago now, wow!


Virginia said...

Too cute! I've developed an odd love of monkeys lately myself. I've got like 3 pairs of socks with monkeys on them! That painted wall looks great! The extent of my monkey drawing would've looked like a stick figure with a long tail! :)

justjenny said...

I love the mural! I'm moving in August to my own place that I'll actually own (hooray!); I wish I was talented enough to paint a mural like that!

Elizabeth said...

My kids have toes like that, too! I think they look like my husbands ;)

I like sock monkeys.. though I don't even have one! Just sock monkey pajamas and matching slippers. My mom gave me socks and book on how to make them, but I haven't had any time to start!

About your hair... the stylist my mom goes to and has for many years now, used to do my hair sometime too. She ALWAYS made it so big and poofy, I hated it!
I stay away from hair salons and cut it myself because I've had so many bad haircuts because my hair is weird. That is too funny, though, that Emma thought your hair looked like a monkey's! Maybe you can bring it up with your stylist next visit. Hahaha!

Ash said...


Jo said...

You painted it?? I am always in awe of people with skills like that. Her room looks sooo cute. We call the Pea a monkey too. Monkey hair, I think she might not have meant it as a compliment, but we shall have to see what she does the next couple of days, wont' we?

Melissa said...

"Monkey hair"? Love it. :)

Your kid is hilarious. And, as always, I am in awe of the mural.

Mert said...

I have a whole family of monkey toes, not to mention monkey butts! :D I love the pic with the monkey on the plane, too cute!

My daughter Anna has smirked and laughed at my hair before, so don't feel bad.

Mert said...

I forgot to say that I love the mural!