Friday, March 16, 2007

Blogreading and Daydreaming...try again!


I had this great post, all about new blogs I've been reading and daydreaming about spring and summer and the fact that it's FINALLY Friday...I hit the Publish button and got server error, please try again in 30 seconds...hit back to do that and the bastards wiped out my post! GRRRR!!!

DEEP CLEANSING BREATH...not like I'm busy at work today, I have time to re-type, but what if I said something especially funny or sarcastic or cute and miss it this time...Ugh! Oh well...
I recently followed links from blogs I've been reading to some different blogs and I'm SO glad I did!! From a link on Ash's page I found Mert...both Ash & Mert are Dorkbloggers, which I have now joined as well and Mert led me to Virginia who is also extremely funny, seems to work in a similar setting to what I do and is, in her own words, ...a little bit judgmental (it's a sickness!); a little bit obsessed with all things Potter (it's escapism, people!); and a little bit sarcastic (but to hell with it!). Aside from the Potter thing, I am so with her on the judgemental and sarcastic! Plus, she has an item in her Thursday Thirteen about being escorted from WalMart by security which I'm totally sticking around to here the elaborate details of! I'm begining to think I have a sickness of my own, it's like being a crackhead but far less dangerous...Hi, My name is Michelle and I am a blogaholic. Lately I can't get enough, I get so many chuckles from the stuff I've been reading I just keep checking out people's links on their blogs thinking if they are that funny certainly it's like mom always said and you are the company that you keep so they must have funny friends...sure enough, they do. Apparently I'm not alone in my addiction. If you google it, you get some funny links. I liked this one about the Betty Ford Clinic!

Anyway...back to what my original post, lost in cyberspace server-error-land, was saying...I've been daydreaming constantly lately! Mostly about the weather, we had a few nice days in the 50's, even 60 one day and it's spoiled me! We quickly returned to the norm of 30's...I'm sick of it. I've had enough of winter this year and I want to go back to the springy weather we had not more than about a week ago! A week prior to that we had a blizzard...the weather in cheeseville has always been somewhat schizophrenic, but this is complete insanity! I want spring, now, not later, now. I want to see my plants blooming, the grass greener, the garden weedy, ready for weeding and planting, my daughter on her swingset that she only got to try once before winter hit since we bought it late fall last year. She'll be 2 in June so this summer she'll be running around even more, we can try more outdoor games and toys, try out her new tricycle she got for Christmas and has not been able to ride yet.

As we approach our first anniversary since buying our house, it's fun to think about having a full spring and summer here, last year was a little crazy since we moved in between April and May and were getting settled so we couldn't full enjoy the seasons. Now we have tried our hand at gardening and will be more adventurous this year, we have pulled up some of the perennials that were kind of ugly and will do some new planting/landscaping. Plus, we're eager to see if our daughter's maple tree that we planted for her 1st birthday looked a little sickly and lost it's leaves pretty fast in fall...but it is a baby so maybe it will thrive this year...I sure hope so, it would make me sick if it died especially given the sentimental value being from Emma's 1st birthday!

Furthermore, in terms of daydreaming, I'm itching to get our porch swing back out from the garage onto the porch. I love sitting out there reading or flipping through magazines or just relaxing. And who can forget grilling, we got the grill around my birthday in June and started doing just basics...burgers, brats, corn on the cob and hot dogs and I'm looking forward to getting more adventurous and trying things like steak, chicken (which I was afraid of undercooking, giving my family the shits or something), or potatoes other veggies and these meal pack things my co-worker was telling me they make where they wrap up meat and veggies in foil and grill that. Sounds yummy, is it lunch time yet?

Well, I think I've covered what I meant to for today, and then this got to be a long post! Happy Friday and have a nice weekend!


Elizabeth said...

I guess I picked the wrong time to visit your blog! Now I'm starving! The best on the grill is potatoes, carrots, onions, butter and salt & pepper wrapped up in foil. Yum. You can do just about anything that way. I think we had green beans once, too.

Great, now I forgot what else I was going to say!
Happy Weekend!!!

Virginia said...

Michelle! I'm so glad you stopped by! I do what I can to make others feel less accident (and incident) prone by sharing my embarrassing stories! Madness just seems to follow me! :) The Wal-Mart story will be divulged soon...thanks again for stopping by! Have a fabulous weekend!

P.S. That picture of your daughter in bunny ears is the cutest thing!

Mert said...

Heehee, I am so glad you checked out Virginia's post! Wasn't it hilarious?:D I too and afflicted with the Sarcasm. We should start a group.

I am so with you on the crazy weather, it's driving me nuts. The pics of your family are beautiful, and your daughter is such a cutie. My toddler is turning 2 the end of this month, her name is Emma too. I wish we had done the tree thing, what an awesome idea.

BTW, Dork Bloggers is going to be having a Dork contest soon, you can check out some info at the site.:D

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Elizabeth, tell me about it, I was starving at the end too and I will be trying your foil creation on the grill ASAP!

Virginia, I loved your blog, can't wait to read the Walmart story!

Mert, So glad to have run into your blog and to have found Virginia's through yours! I too prone to sarcasm but my affliction is coming up with a great comeback 2 minutes too late!

Very strange that we both have "almost" 2 year olds named Emma Rose! And my mother says the tree idea was hers and I should give credit where due...I do remember she mentioned that when she was born and we rented at the time so never did it until I thought of it again when she was turning 1 and we owned a home. :) Anyway, thanks for commenting on my pictures. I loved the one of your daughter dressed up for the sock hop, you'll have to let me see a pic of your Emma Rose!