Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thirsty Thursday Thirteen inspired by Ash in Wonderland

Yes, not just a Thursday Thirteen, but a Thirsty one at that, my big cappuccino this morning made me thirsty for a big water! This post is inspired/copied from Ash in Wonderland, one of my MOST favorite bloggers! I say copied because a couple of her items so closely matched my daughter I had to use them!

Thirsty Thursday Thirteen: You drive me crazy, but I love you.

1) (closely matched Ash's post) I love your fabulous grabby squeezy kid hugs that you give for no reason at all and how you'll give everyone hugs and kisses before we leave somewhere or they leave our house.

2) (matched Ash's post) I love to hear you sing a song, any song, it does not even matter.

3) I love how you run to the door to greet me with your cheeky smile each time I come home.

4) (closely matched Ash's post)I love your "Emma fresh from the bathtub" smell.

5) I love how you you're getting to be such a big girl and learning so fast, but still are a baby and will let me hold you (even if just for a minute).

6) (matched Ash's post)I love how peaceful you look when you sleep, and how when you wake up, you like to lay down with me or sit in my lap until you are really awake.

7) I love those moments when you get something for the first time, or even for the tenth and you have that cute little proud/bashful smile.

8) I love it when I see part of me or daddy in you, in an expression, something you say, a's amazing!

9) I love how you love shopping with me and grammy; how you put your foot out ready to try shoes on the minute we hit that department; how you put your wrist out to try on're already a little shopper like mommy and grammy!

10) I love how you have your little routines already, even at everyone else's house...the little things that are yours like your kitty blankie at grammy's, your sit 'n spin toy at grandpa's, your ball and blocks at grandma schuff's...and so much more.

11) I love it that you come to me for comforting, even when you're a little clingy and even if it's 3am, I still love to comfort you and always will even when you're a grown-up.

12) I love that no matter how my day has been, you ALWAYS brighten it and make it better.

13) I love you more than I ever I could love anyone; I look forward to every moment of watching you grow and learn

Thanks for the inspiration Ash!


Ash said...

Sincerest form of flattery, m'dear.
Awesome TT if I do say so myself!

Mert said...

Beautiful TT! Thanks for visiting my blog :D Please do head over to Dork Bloggers and join, they are always looking for fresh meat... err I mean new Dorks, LOL!

Dork Bloggers unite! all you have to do is post a comment and introduce yer self, and say you would like to join, or send them an email at

Melissa said...

Awesome Thursday Thirteen!

Your kid makes me smile, too. :)

Virginia, like the state! said...

I'm telling ya...if this motherhood thing doesn't turn out as wonderful as you make it seem, I'm suing! :) Jason is a lawyer, you know! :)