Thursday, April 5, 2007

Our Little Lady's Easter Pics

As promised I'm uploading some of Emma's Easter pics from last night. She was SO much better this time and had fun with it! Plus, we had a better girl taking the photos this time, if it's possible to request her next time we will be doing that! We had 6 different poses, all very cute but we managed to choose the top two for a couple of prints which I've posted here. I just LOVE the more candid one with her little gloves and purse, it turned out so sweet!

Emma was a little unsure about that big Easter bunny though! She was all excited when she first spotted him and when I unbuckled her from the stroller she headed right for him but when she got within about 8 feet of him she turned around back towards me and wanted me to pick her up! He's a big guy, little intimidating, I can understand. Nonetheless I plunked her down with him and they took her picture...she was looking at me, reaching, saying "mama...mama...mama..." but not crying or screaming so it was ok. Then the little stinker blew him a kiss and was waving and saying bye bye when we were walking away! Oh well, the picture is still cute and we gotta have the holiday pics every year whether there are smiles, tears or unsure smirks!

Well, back to work! I came in this morning to a pleasant surprise finding out that in addition to the college being closed tomorrow resulting in a holiday day, we get to leave at 1pm today! That's what I get for leaving early yesterday, miss out on all this news! I would have worn jeans today had I known I'd only be working half a day!
Happy Easter!!


Dayngr said...

How cute! Surfed over from 2K bloggers and I'm glad I did.

Ash said...


Holly Schwendiman said...

Awww she's precious. My how they grow when we blink.


Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Thank you! I'm glad everyone likes the pictures, I was SO pleased with how they turned out and she had fun with them this time around! :)

Mert said...

I love those pictures! What a sweetie!:D