Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I'm a big weepy baby AND a new widget

Ok, new song I LOVE, Lucinda Williams "Are You Alright?" I added a widget on my page so I can play it anytime! , or anyone else for that matter.

Anyone watch the show House on Fox? Big fan, love it, Hugh Laurie rocks and even though I don't watch weekly since I sometimes get busy and miss it, when I do watch it I love it!

They frequently have great songs on there and last night was no different. It was a great episode "Fetal position" was the title. Basically, A celebrity photographer suffers from a stroke and is pregnant, she's in her early forties. House and the docs have to deal with the dilemma of trying to save the mother or her unborn child or the biggest risk...both. Anything like this really gets to me, and as a mother I know I'd be like the mother in this episode, wanting to risk my life to save my child. So, here's me last night...big weepy baby, especially when during surgery on the baby in utero, the baby grabs onto House's finger, making even this icy guy almost shed a tear himself...yes maybe far fetched to imagine this happening, but so moving if you ask me and at the end of the episode he's sitting looking at his hand while that song is playing then they show a clip of the mother with her baby, now a healthy baby boy.
This episode reminded me of the photo email that has been circulating for a few years now of baby Samuel during surgery at 21 weeks. It's a real photo but the story that came in email had been embellished, really the little hand popped out as the doctor was closing the incision in the mother's uterus so Dr. Bruner gently lifted it back in and that's when the photo was taken. The baby didn't actually reach out and grab the doc's hand. Either way, excellent photo and medicine is so amazing!


Melissa said...

God, I LOVE Lucinda Williams. Your excellent taste is one of the many reasons I like you. ;)

I don't watch much TV, but I have seen the baby pictures you are referring to, and they melted my cold, black heart as well. Maybe I DON'T need to go see the wizard after all...

Elizabeth said...

I just so happened to turn House on to see this very episode! I've never watched it before.
I liked the way House is all cut and dry and "fetus". I don't know if it's a show I'd watch every week, though.
Anyhow! I really liked how actually touching that baby's hand made him do a complete 180 in his thinking about life in the womb. And the end where he just laid on the couch and stared at his hand. It was great.

(oh, i'll get around to that music-meme eventually!)

Not So Anonymous Michelle said... need to see the wizard, you're fabulous the way you are! We all have a little black to our hearts if you ask me!

elizabeth...yeah House really has a way about him, I think you might get into more if you watched a few episodes, not only did I find that to be the case but so did a lot of people I've talked to, however I still don't watch it religiously, if I'm home and get to sit down to watch it, I do. I agree with you how touching it was where he was laying there staring at his hand, that was great.

Can't wait to see your music meme!

Can't wait