Tuesday, May 29, 2007

5 Tuesday Thoughts

Five thoughts for the last Tuesday in May...randomness seems to define me lately!
Anyway, first off...Just Jenny's post inspired some thought for item #1
  1. Read JustJenny's post here first...I remember being in that position of wondering if I'd ever end up going through the transformation she was talking about from being one of the singles to one of the marrieds; I also knew a couple of people who had changed so much when they got engaged, married or became parents. I didn't always like them so well afterwards, maybe it's partly that fear of never having the same opportunity or being jealous (in my case anyway, I think I was envious of the marrieds at some points in my single life)...but now that I'm married and a mother I think I've become one of them. This is great and not always great, sometimes when I am gardening in our yard or watching our daughter sleep or enjoying alone time reading on the porch swing while she naps and my hubby is mowing the lawn...I take a moment and realize how different I am from even 5 years ago. It's weird! Every now and then I'll have a brief moment where I miss the nights out with the girls dancing and after-bars breakfasts or movies and pizza at my apartment, a girlfriend spending the night (not like "girls gone wild", just sleeping on my couch). We'd sleep late, laze around the next day, maybe finally getting dressed and going shopping, spending money I should have saved for rent or bills, after already spending enough the night before at the bars. Thinking back, I'm in SUCH a better place financially, I'm more stable in so many ways. Even when we've had a bad day or argued too much lately, I love each night going to bed with my husband, knowing I'll wake up with my husband each day, to the sounds of our daughter calling for me. Come to think of it, I don't so much miss the single life as much as I may have thought, but I do miss the girls and have been trying to reconnect with some, have met some online, & even found who I truly believe is my soul sister, Mert.

  2. It stinks having a sick baby/toddler, you can only do so much to help them feel better and you feel so helpless and just want to be sick instead of them being sick. How do you explain to someone her age how to puke? She didn't get it, kept swallowing, was crying, scared, saying Mama, making my heart ache for her. We just had prepared a spot on our bed for her with a blanket to catch anything that might come up, I wasn't about to try to get a girl her age to stick her head in the toilet. I tried to tell her to let it out, to spit to cough, she didn't quite get it and her stomach wasn't being very adamant or forceful so the three times she did puke were only a few little spurts, which actually probably helped me keep my cookies. I was amazed at how I wasn't nauseated myself being puked on by her. I had been told by people how it's different when it's your child and they are right, I just wanted to hold her, help her, I didn't care if I got messy or anything and normally seeing even someone on TV puke would make me gag and nearly lose it! Emma slept SO much yesterday, she had woke at 5:30, 7:30 and 9:30 to be sick, I started to recognize the pattern, not just timing but she'd wake up, kind of start wimpering and say mama, then start dribbling and swallowing...sorry for the overshare, but so many that read this are mommies and get it. After the 9:30 episode she slept until almost 1pm, woke up and seemed a lot better, even wanted cereal and a pop tart instead of just the teaspoons of water in 5 minute intervals that Nurse Direct recommended. Then she fell asleep again between 3:30 and 4pm until nearly 7pm! She slept so much that I had to stay by her side on the couch and make sure she was still breathing...but today, she's good as new, playing and eating, not drinking much but that seems to happen time to time with her for her first meal of the day.
  3. I wish I had a whole day or two to just watch movies, especially after creating my Hollywood Video Wish List which includes the following:
    - Because I Said So, Catch & Release, Curse of the Zodiac, Epic Movie, Little Children, Music & Lyrics, Employee of the Month, Little Miss Sunshine, You Me & Dupree, Stranger than Fiction, The Holiday, The Pursuit of Happyness(that's how they spell it for the movie), Happy Feet, Flushed Away. I think Emma would like the last two.
  4. My mom sent me a link to a blog she thought I'd like...she knows me so well! I love it! It will become one of my blogrolly things and it's in my favorites! hehe This is one of my favorite posts there and some of the comments made me laugh even more...hehe
  5. Today is a day I eat lunch at my desk since I leave an hour early to watch Emma when Trevor leaves for work. I am going to have to inform the coffeehouse on campus so they can stock better food on Tuesdays than what they had for me today! Surprisingly, I can admit the Uncrustable wasn't half bad and I do like Baked Lays, however, there just is something not quite right about those Uncrustables...I can't put my finger on it and I did just discover the friggin thing has 320 calories and 16 grams of fat!!! WTF, I could have had chocolate and ate less fat, GRRR!!! Curse you Smuckers!


Virginia said...

Save your time and money on Music & Lyrics! And on Happy Feet, too, to be honest. Although Emma might like HF--the ending just got way too preachy for me.

Your time is better spent on The Holiday (I LOVE that movie!!), Stranger than Fiction (good, but not great), and Little Miss Sunshine (absolutely great and hysterical)!

Elizabeth said...

I don't think kids (especially little ones) would like Happy Feet, either. I couldn't understand anything they were saying, AND the movie opens with a scary sea lion with ginormous teeth chasing a penguin. Also, The Holiday, was OK, but not great. You, Me & Dupree was funny. I liked Stranger than fiction, Will Ferrell was good it, but not overly crazy like he sometimes gets, which I liked. And I have to agree with Little Miss Sunshine.

There's my two cents ;)

That's is so crappy about Emma barfing! SE did that once and all we could do was hold a towel up to him and try to comfort him. It wasn't at all fun. I'm glad Emma's feeling better, though!

Ginamonster said...

I worry about having kids. the other day I gagged when I saw a baby booger.