Sunday, May 27, 2007

The letter of the day is P

This fun little meme is from Virginia. Someone assigns you a letter and you have to list ten things you like that begin with that letter. Virginia assigned me the sixteenth letter in the alphabet, the letter P. Stay with me here, I'm trying to just use the first things that come to mind so it promises to be pretty random!
  1. Plants...especially Perennials, gotta love the stuff that comes back year after year on their own! Lately I've been diggin' plants, hehe, digging, plants, hehe...ok, I know. Anyway, I've been really getting into the gardening and landscaping this 2nd spring in our home. The first year we just kind of watched to see what came up, this year we dug up some of the fugly stuff and planted other things. We expanded our garden a little to include more veggies. I can't wait untilt he stuff starts growing!
  2. Pottery...I miss making pottery, I also love looking at and buying pottery at art fairs or antique shops. But, I really miss making pottery like I did in high school. We learned how to use the pottery wheel and that was my favorite method for making pots, I still have a couple of the ones I made. I can remember the feeling of the clay and water used for slip, the smell of it and the sound of the wheel's motor. I always said someday I'd have a wheel in my basement and a kiln, in my backyard or something.
  3. Pink...I never used to really care much about the color, but ever since I was pregnant and had that intuition about it being a girl, then especially when we had the ultrasound a month before Emma was born and we knew for sure...I loved so many pink things, and not just typical pastel pink, I dig more of the magenta, fuscia, reddish-pinks or purplish-pinks. I always swore I would not be one of those mothers that dresses my kids gender specifically (girls in pinks, boys in blues) and actually, I don't do that. Emma has quite a varied wardrobe with lots of colors, not just pink. However, I think if we have a boy someday the color scheme will be a bit more just can't put boys in as many colors as girls!
  4. Peonies...I love these big beautiful flowers and had plans of planting some next to my house along the side of the driveway...until my mother informed me that they get ants...LOTS OF ANTS! You even have to soak them in a bucket of water if you clip any to take into the house or you'll find trails of ants in the house. The girly girl in me cannot allow an ant-attracting plant that close to my backdoor which is just outside my kitchen, right up against the house...yeah, I'm in search of other options for that location. Maybe some hydrangeas.
  5. Parenting, this may be obvious given that I constantly blog about my daughter and post photos of her. I just love everything about parenting from the pregnancy (I was fortunate to not be too sick or uncomfortable for most of the time I was pregnant with Em) to the playing to the learning and growing and everything in between! I try to savor every moment and be observant as possible to not miss a thing, yet I totally look forward to all that is yet to come as we raise Emma. Parenting truly is the best job ever and more fun than I ever thought it would be.
  6.'ve seen my love for photography in my frequent slideshows. Sometimes photos just say more than any words can say. I just love capturing fun photos of Emma, great outdoor photos, and trying to get artsy kinds of shots too whenever possible.
  7. Pizza...especially Papa Johns! Last night we ordered Pizza from there, they have a new Taco pizza and it's SO delicious, great if you're not sure whether you are in the mood for mexican or italian!
  8. my blog and blog comments to my blog buddies. I've really come to LOVE blogging and I really have made some wonderful friends in a short time that I can't imagine never having met (well online anyway).
  9. Pageant flubs...hehehe...if you haven't yet seen Miss USA fall on her bum at the Miss Universe Pageant, it's worth your time to have a laugh. I wish I could see her face better, the quality is not great enough and I didn't watch the show on TV. Check it out!
  10. Pandemonium...just love that word for some reason. I don't think I have have had a use for it, or ever will...but it's one of those words! I know, I'm weird...

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Virginia said...

Isn't Papa John's the best?! Especially that garlic butter stuff to dip the pizza in! Yummy!

I tried to take a pottery class in college, but dropped after about a week. The people in it were...odd, to say the least. Not a reflection on you, obviously!!! :) These people looked like they were going to start a mosh pit any second! Plus, the supplies for the course cost an arm and a leg!!