Tuesday, May 1, 2007

I think, therefore I am...what I am, I am not sure

The fabulous Wordnerd awarded me with one of these:

I am SO honored! I've seen these little awards posted on some of my favorite sites and I'm so excited to now display one proudly myself over on the right column where all my "stuff" is. :) I am glad that I make others think with my blogs...I certainly make myself think enough and sometimes it hurts...hehe, but most of the time it makes me laugh! All of the blogs in my little list on the right column are ones that make me think, make me laugh and even sometimes choke me up...they all deserve the thinking blogger award but below I've listed 5 just to stick to the rules. These sites I visit more than once a day to see if there are updates and check the comments and I've found more reading material through reading these blogs and now I can't see myself living without them! Since Wordnerd awarded me, I won't award her back and start the cycle again, but she is definitely deserving of the award as well!

1. Mert, who has two blogs I must read daily...we've got to be long lost sisters!

2. Ash, hilarious and fabulous, I totally relate to so much stuff she posts and love that she's not afraid to be a potty mouth!

3. Ginamonster always keeps me entertained and makes me think and most recently with her blogging about online dating, makes me reminisce to that time in my life when I met my hubby.

4. Empty Elizabeth, a great friend from high school that I finally reconnected with last year who always has thought-provoking posts and we share memories from our high school days!

5. Just Jenny, I love her blog, I am frequently caught thinking when I read her blog and she makes me laugh too!

As for everyone else who I visit daily and comment on and who visit me...you're all fabulous!


Elizabeth said...

Why, thank you!

Ash said...

Holy Craptola Dearie. Thanks for the award and shout out, I do so enjoy being peoples one stop shop for potty word of the day.
LOL. Will try and work harder at posting things other than lyrics(oy, the guilt!)

Mert said...

Aww, garsh! Thanks Michelle! I can relate, I make my own brain hurt too sometimes:D

Dern, here are a few more blogs I will have to check out!

Mert said...

Shoot, I forgot to mention that I sent you an email about the banners, at your work email.:D

amy said...

Congrats...What a facae on the toothy giggle..I love the sites you mentioned..

thanks for signing up for the scavenger hunt...we are having a blast

Ginamonster said...

Thank you! I will post that image on my blog later so that I can feel important. Not that I don't already, you know, being so fabulous and all...

I think that award went to my head.

justjenny said...

Thank you so much!!! As soon as I can figure out how to attach the icon to my screen, I'm all over that!