Thursday, May 3, 2007

Thankful Thoughtful Thursday

Sometimes you just gotta give props...Mert Rocks! Thank you for the fabulous new blog header and I'm all over the iBlog icons, I'm now installing a set of my favorites on my sidebar...check it!
You are awesome and I know if we lived in closer proximity, you and I would be great friends and your daughters and my daughter would have great little play dates! I'm so glad we met!

I also was feeling all sappy two times last night...once was spending time with my mom and daughter, thinking about Mother's Day coming up, wishing I had the words to express to my mom how much she means to me and how much she makes me a better mom since I've learned from the best...also wishing my daughter could understand how important she is to me, how special she is and how much happiness and success I want for her. The other moment was after my husband got home from work, he works until midnight Wednesday nights and I always wait up for him, reading on the couch, I can't seem to sleep until he's home. He's been working more hours lately, three weeknights plus Saturdays and Sundays and since I work 5 days a week during the day, we only have Monday and Friday evenings and later evenings on Saturdays and Sundays together. Anyway, when we went to bed (don't get all excited, this is not R rated), we did our usual cuddling (let you in on a little secret, we call it knives and forks...started when we first were together and were laughing about spooning saying something about knives and forks lying the same way in the drawer...nevermind, we're weird!) Then, we get into our spots to settle in for sleep and ever since we got a King size we always felt miles apart after spending the first year or so on a Queen squished together, so we hold hands under the covers until we fall asleep...letting you in on all our secrets now! hehe So, anyway, I was lying there feeling very content and cozy and squeezed his hand and told him I loved him, something I know I don't nearly as often as I should or as often as I did before we had our little peanut dominating all of our "I love you's". Gotta get back to that more, nurture our relationship more and be more thankful for each other, after all, look what we created through our love...


Mert said...

Beautiful post! It's good to remember to tell each other that you love each other... I know John and I have to do that too. Anna is at the age where she says ewww when she sees us hug and smooch, I tell her she is lucky to have parents that she knows love each other.;)

Thanks for the shout out, I'm so glad that you like my stuff! I wish we lived closer too! Though I can just see the confusion when we call out Emma, we can't even try to use their middle name to tell them apart! We'll have to use their last name too? LOL!

Elizabeth said...

Definitely sappy, woman! But rightly so... everyone needs to reconnect now and again... especially with both spouses working and taking care of a child. Something I know only all too well.
Beautiful post!