Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday Thirteen...headlines & randomness

  1. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? This headline made me want to puke! I can't even imagine what a baby that was only 3 1/2 pounds looked like, poor little guy never had a chance! I think the problem had less to do with being Vegan & more to do with being cruel idiots! The quote at the end sums it up: “No matter how many times they want to say, ‘We’re vegans, we’re vegetarians,’ that’s not the issue in this case,” said prosecutor Chuck Boring. “The child died because he was not fed. Period.”
  2. EXCUSE ME, not charged? There has got to be something this guy could have been charged with, on the plus side, at least he didn't feed the magic brownies to his children or pets if he has any!
  3. This kind of cracked me up & made me think all at once. "Life's Short, Get a Divorce." Not surprising that it's an add for an attorney's office. Hilarious to me that other attorneys complained saying "it reflected poorly on their profession". Is that possible in the case of lawyers (no offense to anyone that is one or married to one or could otherwise be offended). Furthermore, the photos on the billboard are equally disturbing as the text. I guess it's nice they are implying you should get a divorce rather than have a sleazy affair with someone with a body like those pictured??? I'm not sure, little confused or shocked or something. On a more serious note, does anyone stay married anymore, get counseling, work at their marriage before giving up? Anything worth having is worth working for, marriage is not easy, and if someone tells you that it is, they are lying. But, I happen to believe it's worth working on making it better. But, this is a debate for another day, there are too many factors to discuss! All I know is that if I did ever end up divorced it wouldn't be for lack of trying to save the marriage first. But I've seen plenty of examples from my own life of people that would be better off divorced or that actually got divorced and it was the right thing to do so what am I saying really...People give up to fast, that's all I'm trying to say in my rambling and I'm glad this billboard was taken down!
  4. My ears have been so itchy ever since my mom told me about seeing this on the news. The nasty thing is that she was eating her cereal at the time so didn't appreciate seeing the kid's souvenir on the morning news! The boy took his souvenir to school & mom took it to work? EWW!
  5. Kudos to the giraffe in this story! Idiot kids! People just don't learn that you should not mess with animals, especially those weighing over a TON!
  6. Anyone who follows Idol, as I do, might agree with me that each of the Final Three, actually the Final Four, to include LaKisha who was cut last night, are really great and have special qualities they bring that makes any of them worthy of being the next Idol, the title really doesn't mean so much anyway, you can get a record deal without that and I thinkt hey are all deserving of a record deal if you ask me! :) Do you watch Medium? They keep leaving me hanging with this three-part "to be continued" series, next week being the last of three and season finale. I'm itching for next Wednesday to get here and HOPING I don't forget to watch it since my routine will be different next week!
  7. Seven things I want for Mother's Day or my upcoming birthday:
    Sounds cliche, but flowers...I like them, haven't had them sent to work in a long time, think my hubby is over that phase long ago just feel so special when flowers come to work and all the ladies ask about them!
    A good pair of walking shoes that fit well and don't hurt my feet!
    A pedicure, had one maybe a little over a month ago but I'm due again soon.
    Again with the standard gifts for moms, but something sweet from my daughter, mom always is good about helping in this area & the hubby doesn't quite get it but this year I think he did try, there was mention of a gift from Emma so I'm kind of excited.
    Family dinner for the birthday, we always do this for our birthdays, the birthday person gets to typically pick the meal and dessert that my mom makes, can't wait!
    Massage...I had one a couple of years ago and it was awesome!
    Nice cards...I always love the cards even MORE than the gifts...honest!
  8. Eight movies on DVD or movie channels that I'd like to watch sometime soon, some that I have wanted to see and some that sound good after recommendations from friends, family and co-workers:
    Music & Lyrics, My Date with Drew (thanks for those two Mert)
    The Breakup (good one for Mom & I to watch one of these days)
    Wit (I always like a good tearjerker!)
    Grandma's Boy (one of those stupidly funny movies)
    Office Space (seen it a ton of times but feeling like watching it again soon)
    Catch & Release (romantic comedy type of thing, I also like Jennifer Garner)
    Because I Said So (I LOVE Diane Keaton and liked Piper Perabo ever since Coyote Ugly, hmm, I'd like to watch that one again soon too, good music and dancing, fun movie!)
  9. On the random note, I'm looking for ideas of what to get my stepmom for Mother's Day, this is always's hard finding ideas for my own mom because I love her so much and really want to find something special...well she's done for this year (I'll have to share what we are giving her later since she reads my blog) But, with my stepmom I've never had like close-motherly-like feelings with her, more friendly type feelings...anyway, nuff said there...I'm sick of giving her, A. candles, B. bath/body stuff, C. flowers...she does have an MP3 player and likes to use it when she runs and stuff so maybe an iTunes gift card or something, I welcome other ideas!
  10. Did you ever feel like there just isn't enough time in the day, days in the week, time flies, etc.? Stupid question I know, but we typically go about our days, follow our routines, and just don't stop and think about that and today I did. I just can't believe Emma will be 2 in June, I'll be 29...that's almost 30 OMG, it's just that sometimes I feel more like one of the college kids I'm surrounded by all day long at work, other times I feel SO far beyond that, older, more mature and different than them that it's unreal and really I'm not that much older than most of them. The age thing doesn't really get to me anyway, never really thought about it but just kind of dawned on me that next year I will turn 30 and around that same time we will be planning on starting to try for another child and I just can't wait for that, then I think, wow, Emma will be turning 3 about that time too and starting pre-school the following fall and it just all seems so surreal or something. Hard to explain!
  11. I have a headache, allergies, too much thinking, sunny day...oh yeah, I always get headaches about THAT time of month too. GREAT, Happy Mother's Day weekend to me!, stop cringing about me blogging THAT.
  12. I feel like I have spring fever, I can't wait to go to the greenhouse and get my garden veggies and flower and hanging baskets and spruce up the yard even more than nature has already done on its own! The lilac tree is really blooming now, smells fabulous! I can't wait for the cherries to start growing on our cherry tree so we can start eating them and I can make cherry pie! I'll have to take more pictures, the trees and everything are filling in so much more since my last blog about the signs of life in my yard!

  13. I'm hungry! It's lunchtime, I eat at my desk today since I leave an hour early, I don't know what I want but the usual sub or wrap from the coffeehouse don't appeal to me right now and it does NOT help I just got this email from Applebee's with a delicious looking steak smothered with some fantastic looking shrimp accompanied by garlic mashed potatoes!


Robin said...

A 6 week old baby of vegan parents should be getting breastmilk, and nothing else. If that was not possible then formula. Soy milk and apple juice are NOT safe for infants!

Kuanyin said...

Wow! Great post! You really put a lot of work into this! Happy TT!

MissMeliss said...

Great list!
And that Applebee's email? Cruel!

jdoriot said...

I love randomness!! I read about that little baby sad...

Starrlight said...

Great post! Happy TT =)

Mert said...

Those headlines are horrendous! The baby one is killing me, this is why I don't watch the news or read the paper!

I love office space too! I ahven't watched it in a while... i should get it from Netflix.

All of your mothers day presenst sound heavenly! I've been asking John to pay for me to have a massage, but he never does.

I would go with an iTunes gift card... I got my MIL a Pampered Chef Pie plate. :D The kids got her slippers.

Jeannine said...

I know why I don't watch TV...
Happy late TT.