Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Wednesday Walking Words

Wordnerd's post today about her Hospitalympics reminded me why I was so sore the last few days.

Notes to self to avoid soreness, blisters and mysterious bruising....
  1. Don't wear flip-flops that have that weird fabric-like bottom when shopping if you want to avoid public embarrassment in a large mall and making your daughter's stroller do a wheelie. *I kid you not, the genius that made the bottoms of some flip-flops kind of like a fabric that is very slippery likely never met the likes of me! As I pushed Em in the stroller coming out of Macy's in the mall, I had to use the ramp, I guess walking on the flat/level floor I never noticed how slippery these sandals were because as I cruised down the ramp, the feet FLEW out from under me as I slipped back onto my bum, luckily keeping grip on my daughter's stroller which did make her do a wheelie, however saved her from flying down the ramp at top speed into the wall at the bottom. I was laughing (and feeling like crying) too hard to stand up immediately and my mom quite enjoyed laughing as well. Throughout the day we had fits of laughter at random moments recalling the sight of me on the floor and my daughter's stroller in full wheelie position!*
  2. Do NOT go on a three-mile walk in tennies with no socks. *Halfway through our walk I could feel the pain of a blister forming on my heel, a few minutes later confirmed by my mother, who was walking behind me, gasping and saying "OH MY GOSH, you're getting a big bloody blister!" It was only Monday, we were supposed to walk again last night & go last night, too much pain to put a shoe on, thank god it's flip-flop season & my work allows us to wear such things. Tonight I might layer on some band-aids and attempt the walk again, with tennies AND SOCKS!*
  3. When working a desk job, get up and stretch your legs often, especially the day after walking 3 miles for the first time in quite a long time. *I had not stood up for a little over an hour after I first got to work Tuesday morning, bad idea, my knees almost buckled and I stumbled as I made my way to the printer making a co-worker chuckle and ask if it was my first day with my new least I can bring some humor to everyone's day!*

I think that's enough pain for one day, I'm going to Curves tonight and will be sure to do my stretching, some extra stretching in fact, when I'm done since I also plan on doing the 3 mile walk again with mom, Em and my brother's girlfriend...if I feel I can adequately protect my blister, any pointers would be appreciated! When I read this website it had some good info. I never thought of lubing up before walking!


Mert said...

You poor thing! That totally sounds like something I would do, slipping and falling like that. I have these stupid flip flops that have a cut out on the bottom. Sometimes while walking, the cut out acts like a suction cup on linoleum... it's very embarrassing that my shoes make farting noises and/or I end up with one foot stuck to the floor while the rest of me keeps moving.

Melissa said...

I feel your pain completely and utterly. A twenty-minute commute home Tuesday morning was apparently enough to stiffen me up in the same way.

I ended up doing a Groucho Marx/Frankenstein/Quasimodo lurch into the house and standing outside with tears in my eyes begging the damn dog to make a tinkle PLEASE make a tinkle so Mommy could go lay down. I STILL hurt today. It really is hell getting old... ;)

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for that laugh! It's so good that you can laugh at yourself, too.

I can't think of anything recent where I tripped or stumbled, but there was that time after my interview back in March where I was confidently (ha) walking down the hall past the cafeteria. Wearing brand new heels, natch. I stepped on the heel of one shoe first (which is a no-no, I've read) and the heel went sliding across the floor throwing me down on my other knee! And of course, there were at least 3 other people either behind me or in the vicinity. Sheesh. Well, my ankle felt good, so I continued my walk to the car. Later on that night though, OUCH! I was limping around my other job trying to work!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

At least I'm not alone in my klutziness!

Mert I have sandals that fart too, it's so embarrassing! At least I can blame Emma, haha!