Wednesday, June 6, 2007


My confessions for today:
  1. I shamefully admit to enjoying watching The Simple Life Goes to Camp last night, maybe it was because it was so late at night and I was just in need of something simple and thoughtless and somehow funny after the week I've been having...I dunno, I laughed at Paris and Nicole's antics and it felt wrong and they were doing colon cleansing on large people that were apparently there as a fat camp thing. Why that was so funny to me, I do not know and I do know I never want a colon cleanse thank you very much!
  2. While I am on the whole shameful confession kick...I also laugh at the complete idiocy of The Girls Next Door. One of the most annoying things on there is the laughter of Kendra. You must tune in sometime just for that. If you're not familiar, this is a show about Hef and his bunnies and the secrets of the Playboy Mansion, if the big secret is that these bunnies are the biggest airheads in history, than sorry to say, the secret's out!
  3. I have an urge to shop big time lately! My birthday is approaching on Sunday...Emma's is the 22nd, I'm anxious to buy her gift & play with it too (a Fisher Price Grow With Me Kitchen). Plus, mom's picking up the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed party stuff this weekend for her party on the 23rd, I ordered the cake already and I'm in first draft mode for her invites, which are just family mostly anyway but still fun to do. We also are having her 2nd birthday and a family photo, plus a pose with just her & daddy done on the day before her birthday. So much fun awaiting. I have a gift card for Avenue burning a hole in my pocket but since my hubby is giving me some shopping cash for my b-day and I likely have grandma gifts coming in the form of cash, I'm holding out a few more days! Retail therapy is always fun and at least it's better for me than the sweets that are another available therapy when I'm stressed at work!
  4. On a more serious note, I've been so piled with work the last couple of days and today took the cake when I had a meeting for that work I blogged about last week or the week prior. But, when I consider that a lot of this work and stress I've had this week is due to the death of my co-worker/friend's husband...I have absolutely NOTHING to complain about. Plus, this whole situation with having such an unexpected death so close to us has prompted us to feel a bit closer, miss each other more all day long and just feel different. Maybe kind of like renewed committment or something. Hard to explain but I'm sure you can relate if you have had a similar situation in your life. I'm also thinking of my stepmom today because her birthday was Monday and today was her breast cancer surgery to remove a lymph node and inject the die to see if the cancer is in other major lymph nodes and where it might spread or has spread if it has. I'll be visiting her after work today since I've been told she'll be home the same day as the procedure.
  5. Sticking with the theme...I can't stop thinking about my friend and her daughter and their loss. Many moments throughout the day I find myself zoning out thinking of it. I have been listening to James Blunt track 4, Goodbye my Lover...such a great song but tear jerker, especially when thinking about my friend losing her husband. You should listen to it. I decided at noon today to switch my cd in my car back to something more upbeat to try and cheer up a little so my Nelly Furtado Loose CD has returned.

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