Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday Thirteen...thoughts I thunk this week

Sticking with my randomness I'm so fond are 13 things that came across my mind this week...some are inspired by blogs I read regularly, which reminds me I need to update my blogroll thingee.

1. I'm in a self-conscious, bloated(feelingfat) slump lately that is furthered by the stress of extra projects and responsibilities of work. I've had the urge more than once in the last week or so to look at someone who gives me more work and stick my tongue out, cross my arms and say "don't wanna!" or "GO AWAY PUHLEEZ!"

2. I'm totally lookin' forward to golf tonight with the hubby. That's our typical way to spend our date night Thursdays lately when the weather has been nice and at least it's some form of exercise to help me with #1 on this list.

3. I am such a reality tv/Bravo TV junkie lately! I can't wait for Hey Paula to start tonight, should be a good laugh! Plus, I LOVE Kathy Griffin and Top Chef. I also must admit to watching some MTV stuff like Reunited: Real World Vegas and Run's House. Plus I love those Food Network Challenges involves cake and pastry chef's...but when I'm waiting up for the hubby late at night lately I fall asleep at the end and miss who wins!

4. I need more clothes, more shirts especially and some shorts. I have a gift card for Avenue that needs to be used so next time they email me a good coupon I need to go shopping! Plus, retail therapy is always fun!

5. I need to find motivation to buckle down more on the whole going to Curves and/or walking, losing weight thing...again, refer to #1 on my list! *SIGH*

6. Knowing that we plan on trying for baby #2 next June is making the time between now and then go SO SLOW, especially when I have a pregnant stepsister, pregnant cousin, pregnant friends offline and online, co-workers talking about their son/DIL trying for their next one and their daughter is Emma's age...just about the time I tackle #5 on my list I'll get pregnant! least breastfeeding is always excellent for dropping pounds fast, with Emma I lost 50 pounds in a matter of a few weeks!

7. I need to clean my desk/work area at work. I'm sick of losing track of all my post-its, piles, file trays, phone messages...I have a headache!

8. I love having a little girl, don't get me wrong, I would have been perfectly happy with a boy too, but it's fantastic having the baby dolls, kitchen playsets, pretty dresses, cute shoes, play-doh, etc. in addition to the more traditional boy toys like trucks, blocks, etc. that we insist on having for our daughter. I think it's great that so far she likes playing with all kinds of toys too, not just stereotypical girlie stuff and she's such a monkey that I am suspecting she might have a little bit of a tomboy streak in her too in addition to the girlie girl that I also see who loves to dress up and have her hair pretty (when she's not ripping out the hairbows and stripping off her shoes the minute we get in the car!)

9. We REALLY need to give our garden some attention! Stuff is coming up great, tomatoes are starting to grow, beans, peas, radishes, cucumbers, beets, melons...all are doing well and seem like they will be a success, however, the weeds are COMPLETELY insane this year! Saturday we will be devoting some time to deciding what's a weed and what isn't, wish us luck!

10. On the garden path, I need to be better about being sure to water it every evening. Lately it's easy to forget when I'm heading over to mom's or dad's on a night Trevor works. Those are the nights I most often forget. I should take some pictures of the garden, lots has changed since the first photo I took!

11. Did I mention my stress level has been elevated lately? Yes I did, well it's so much that I have to use two of my thirteen thoughts talking about it. Having more work nicely makes the days go faster, however, then you feel like there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done!

12. I'm really looking forward to our little road trip/vacation to Tennessee in September. It will be fun to stay a night in St. Louis, two in Memphis and go through Nashville but I trust being that we're only taking one week it will make it tough to not feel rushed and tough to see everything.

13. I really like driving the Vue! I thought I liked our Ion, but the Vue is even more fun to drive and being up higher like that is really something. When I drove the Ion Tuesday night I felt completely tiny and awkward and couldn't wait to get back in my Vue!



wolfbaby said...

I can releate to so many of these thoughts it's not even funny.. hope you get the chance to relax soon!!

Mert said...

#8 made me giggle... just one way that our Emma's are alike! Off with the shoes and hair thingys, ASAP!:D

Elizabeth said...

My boys used to do that too! Take of their shoes and socks the minute the car started rolling. Little stinkers!

Oh, it is so exciting that you're going to try to have a second child! (even though it's not until next year). I hope you guys can last that long! ;)

justjenny said...

Oh God, I loved your #1. The best thing about my vacation was NOT seeing Europe but having 2 weeks of no Blackberry!!!

Neila said...

Your upcoming trip sounds lovely!! Just don't let the stress get you down in the meantime!!

And I know what you mean about having a girl. I had my boy first, so I have the best of both worlds. But let me tell you, if I had not had a girl the second time, we would definitely be trying again.

And yay for reality TV! You know I love Kathy Griffin!! I watched the Paula show last night. Dude! She was a biatch!! I can't wait until Big Brother starts next week! I'm such an addict!

Lene said...

Great TT! I love the random ones.

I have boys but would love to have a cutie little girl, like your munchkin! Trucks and blocks...blah! I want dolls and dress up.
The grass is always greener! =)

Virginia, like the state! said...

I've grown rather bored with the current Real Worlds--those kids get more and more stupid every year...I'd much rather watch the Reunited Vegas one! :)

Carmen said...

I'm glad you stopped by. Thanks to Virginia. ;)

I have a soft spot for the Bravo reality shows, too. They reunited the Real World Vegas people? That's a bit scary. ;)