Friday, June 29, 2007

My rockin' pink award!

My fabulous BFF Mert has awarded me with a Rockin' Girl Blogger Award and I couldn't be more thrilled! You're supposed to tag all kinds of people but I know how the tagging thing gets kind of difficult for everyone and a few of the people I'd tag, Mert already tagged so I'm just gonna link some great people I'd give this award to with no obligation on their part to tag anyone. :) Happy FRIDAY!
  • Of course, the rockin' girl who awarded me is deserving of some link love!
  • Some of the people she nominated are in my regular reads: Ash, Holly, Jen, Virginia and Maggie all have blogs I adore and by what I've been reading in the others that Mert nominated, I may have to add to my list of favorites!
  • Some great people that I knew first outside of the blogosphere turn out to be great bloggers in addition to a great friend! Missy and Elizabeth, you rock!
  • I recently stumbled across a fantastic photoblog, autofocused...what's better yet, the blogger lives in the UK and you all know I LOVE my hubby's original home!
  • I'm a fan of Beside the Pointe too...chubby links, chubby fashions, coupons and great blogging, what more could I ask?
  • Neila over at Blog that Mommy has become a huge favorite of mine, plus she gets brownie points for being a huge Kathy Griffin fan like me!
  • JustJenny has a great blog too, I must check in daily! I missed her greatly while she was in Europe so now I'm totally enjoying reading about her trip, in her post today I spit water at my screen when I read the words...batshit insane! hee hee
  • Lena's Cheeky Lotus blog has some interesting neighbor drama going on right now and her blog always is a great read, plus she has the same opinion of mean girls as I do...I'll leave out the expletives today.
  • Crazy Working Mom makes me laugh and had a very interesting TT this week!
  • Some more of my daily reads...Wolfbaby, Families are Like Fudge, Her Bad Mother, a local favorite of mine who's not a chick but deserves the award too...Nick, I love the language here, Jo always has beautiful Mountain Monday, fabulous family pics and an all-around great blog! Flip Flop Mama is another great recent find now that I'm more regular (not in the fiberlax kind of way but in the Thursday Thirteen kind of way). She's another mom to a total cutie pie, like so many of the rockin' chicks and Nick mentioned in this post!

Happy Friday! I'm glad the weekend is almost here and I can start a fresh workweek next week, hopefully with a little less stress!


Ash said...

I've already been tagged. but thanks for thinking I rock. You rock too!

Nick said...

I would make a so hot chick... Tell your friends...

Lene said...

Congrats mama! Your blog definitely rocks!

Virginia, like the state! said...

You rock, too, lady!! :) You are definitely one of my daily reads, as well!

Have a fabulous Friday and wonderful weekend!!

Her Bad Mother said...

Hey! Am, like, totally honoured to make your list!