Monday, July 9, 2007

Manic Monday...2nd edition!

It's my second week doing a Manic Monday, kind of funny the word for the day is Seven since we just had 7-7-7 on Saturday! Hmm, that might have been a lucky 7's good day for gambling...but, we just had a picnic instead. My SEVEN today is 7 photos from the HOT weekend in the 90-ish degree weather, with heat index we were over 100 degrees this weekend, thankful for the breezes and water sprinklers at a picnic we were at Saturday!

Watching out grammy's window for chippy & his squirrel buddies!

At a graduation party with Mommy on Saturday...they had a sprinkler too! YAY!!!

Playing in my kitchen...want some tea mommy?

A new bike for grammy's house!

Biker Chick!
Sunday smiles with grammy!


Mert said...

The one with you and the last one are my favorite... her grin with grammy is just priceless!

Happy MM, buddy!:D

Holly Schwendiman said...

What fun photos!!


Travis said...

Very cute! But that's way too hot for me.

Welcome to MM!!

lisa said...

Happy 2nd MM post! great pics. it's been hot here too, it is 93 right now.

Hootin'Anni said...

Awwwwwwwwww, those are fantastic photos! What a trip down memory lane in a few years...hope you get hard copies made.

crazy working mom said...

We chose the same idea for this week's theme! :)

Great choices. You are a great looking family!!

Have a great week.

Lene said...

Cute photos! I love the biker chic one! She is such a cutie pie!

wolfbaby said...

she's so cute... does yours get real live water for the sink of her play kitchen like mine does?