Thursday, July 5, 2007

Thursday Thirteen...4th of July edition!

For this week's Thursday Thirteen, there are photos from the 4th of July and the day before since we split up our family time over two days! The slides are followed by a list of 13 things that we ate, or that was offered up at our 4th of July picnic yesterday!

  1. Taco Dip...the kind with the cream cheese/sour cream/taco seasoning dip in a tray covered with shredded cheese, tomatoes, black olives, & lettuce (a major favorite of mine!)
  2. Bean Dip...1st time having this one that was in a crock pot, seemed to be refried beans with maybe salsa or something in it and black olives, melted cheese...very good also!
  3. Potato Salad...didn't like this one, I'm picky about potato salad and really only LOVE my mom's.
  4. Coleslaw...same deal as #3, I didn't eat any of this one, even more picky about coleslaw and really only eat my mom's.
  5. Veggie Pizza...the cold kind where it's on a soft dough-y thing with a creamy dill type spread then veggies and shredded cheese sprinkled on top. Yum!
  6. Warm turkey sandwich...the turkey was in a little gravy and put on buns, very good!
  7. Striped Cookie Salad, very simple recipe for a tasty dish!
  8. Jello Jigglers...Emma really loved these most, the proof is in the form of a red stain on my new white shirt! Thankfully with stain stick and the tide to go I used immediately, it should come out!
  9. Deviled eggs...I love deviled eggs, I'm also picky about them, but these were very good, didn't have any weird crap added to them, just basic deviled eggs like I love! Emma even ate one or two herself!
  10. Hashbrown casserole...the cheesy hashbrown thing with cornflakes on top. So good and also a pretty simple recipe!
  11. Simple Black Forest Cake...some kind of fantastic cake! I was told it was devil's food cake, you split the batter in half and dump half in the pan, then put cherry pie filling next, then the other half of the cake. When cooled, spread with thick layer of Cool Whip and sprinkle with M&M's. It was SO moist and delicious, Emma & I both had our own peice!
  12. Various beverages were offered of course, Emma stuck to her juice boxes and I had a soda and a water, no beer since I was driving Emma and myself home later.
  13. Finally, we may have ingested a little bit of water from the pool, especially Emma since she was fond of blowing bubbles and once did breathe in causing that coughing/sneezing thing that happens when you inhale water through your mouth & nose simultaneously! Plus, I distinctly remember thinking a bug flew into my mouth, no picnic is complete without a little protein I guess!

    I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July!


tommiea said...

sounds like a great picnic!

thanks for visiting.

Nichole said...

Ah, I wish I had gone to your 4th celebration! Sounds yummy!

I LOVE hashbrown casserole...

Happy TT!

Melissa said...

Sounds like you had a super-fun Fourth!

I'm ashamed to admit I drooled a little bit reading all the tasty treats you had to pick from at your family celebrations. Then again, the fact that I am STARVING and waiting for supper to finish might have had something to do with that as well...;)

crazy working mom said...

I LOVE the slideshow and I WANT the cheesy casserole "thing" recipe! :)

wolfbaby said...

She is to adorable for words!!!

the food list...

yeah that made me hungry;)

Lene said...

Ok, reading this list has totally made me hungry!

I love hashbrown casserole and the black forest cake sounds delicious!!

Elizabeth said...

*growl* Now I'm hungry again!

I love vegie pizza and taco dip. I never cared much for coleslaw, but I had some at a baby shower recently that I ate a ton of. Spinach dip was good there too. Blame on the pregnancy!

I loved #13... you are too funny!

Mom not Mum said...

Mmmmmmmmm now I'm hungry.

Mert said...

Water, ya goof LOL! All of that sounded delicious, and that cookie fruit salad thingy has me intrigued.

We had grilled bacon cheddar burgers, dogs, bratts, watermelon, cake and ice cream. I'm still full!

Toni said...

Wow- now I have the munchies!