Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Hubby: Do you have the camera or is it here at home?

Me: *rolling eyes* I have it in my purse of course! Why, what am I missing now?

Hubby: Well I was in the bathroom and Emma said "me poo-poo" so I put her on the potty and she didn't poo but she peed and the little tune played (the potty plays a little congratulatory tune when you pee or poo)

Me: *beaming* REALLY? OMG, COOL!!! She really peed in the potty???!!!

Coworker who's a mom to a 3 yr. old boy: *Looking at me with that awww, cute face*

Hubby: Yup, she peed then just got up and ran away naked bum & all, I had to chase her down to get her diaper back on!

Me: Exactly what were you going to take a picture of?

Hubby: The pee in the potty.

Me: *laughing* I thought so! Haha

This the the now used potty we have two of. We have one in each bathroom and up until today haven't really given much effort to the potty training. Emma would show a little interest, we had a the potties for a couple of months now just to get her used to it and she likes to sit there and try to go whenever one of us is on the big potty, but normally there is just a couple little squeeker farts and that's about it! Now that she's actually peed in there, let the training begin! Any pointers?


Virginia, like the state! said...

Hee! Congrats on the pee in the potty! Sorry I can't offer any advice or tips...check back with me in about 5 years! ;)

wolfbaby said...

ahh haaa i had every intetnion of taking pics of my daughters first poo in the potty but darn it i couldn't find the camera before she flushed the toilet and waved by bye to the pooo...

so cool!!

Elizabeth said...


But don't look at me for pointers! I have a very stubborn 3-year-old. And training went super-well with my oldest. Each kid is different!

BUT! I say don't put any pressure on her, just let her go at her own pace and interest.

Mert said...

Squeeker farts... LOL! Love it!

Maybe I need to get one of these for my Emma because she isn't really showing any interest.

Yay Emma Rose, good job!

That is so cute about your hubby wanting to take a pic of the pee, :D

You guys better go out and celebrate with ice cream!

Melissa said...

Pointers, huh?

Well, I had a boy so I'm thinking the "float Cheerios in the toilet for the child to sink" approach wouldn't work for you. However, the "take them to the bathroom every hour and give them a sticker when they're successful" approach might be OK.

Also, save the Pull-Ups for overnight only. They're so dang absorbent that your kid doesn't know they just whizzed themself. ;)