Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

  1. My allergies are TERRIBLE today!! I have lost count of how many times I've sneezed, how many tissues I've used, sniffles I've sniffed, and how many time I've cursed my aching head.

  2. It's sunshiny today but hazy and we might get storms, this may all be the reason for my allergy/sinus headache combo that's hitting me hard today.

  3. I have the afternoon off work to take Emma to the park or mall (dependent on weather) while Trevor spends 3 hours doing paperwork, drug test, uniform fitting, etc. for the new security company that's taking over the campus security.

  4. This park/shopping may or may not go well considering it is overlapping with her nap time. We're planning dinner out after his appointment, this may or may not go well given the nap situation and the fact there is a huge air show going on right now so all the restaurants will be packed!

  5. I just blew my nose yet again, two more tissues used up!

  6. I really like the McDonald's Hazlenut Iced Coffee! Although the smallest size is still a little large.

  7. I'm feeling a little squirrelly with the whole coffee, allergy pill, stuffy head thing...maybe Trevor will be our driver this afternoon!

  8. I have too much work to do to be off this afternoon and tomorrow is Friday already...I'm going to have to buckle down and get through my piles of work tomorrow.

  9. Can you believe it's August already next week? I can't!

  10. I've discovered that I'm not the only one who likes to catagorize toys, I'm sure you can guess who I've discovered I share this quality with! My great friend Mert of course!

  11. In case you haven't heard about this, a lane on the way to the airshow mentioned above, had to do an emergency landing on the highway that goes through/or around town! No one was hurt (miraculously)! We heard the plane fly over our house Sunday night because we had said, Geez, is that thing going to land on our house, sounds awfully low! Little did we know at the time how close we were to the truth! Made me kind of scared thinking how possible it would be for something like that to happen.
  12. Lately I can't get enough of my new Joss Stone CD "Introducing Joss Stone". It's hard to pick one favorite song, but I could narrow down to two, although there are a few that are right up there close to the top two! Here are my top two...

  13. Only 15 minutes until I'm out for the day! Enjoy your TT!


Virginia, like the state! said...

I haven't done a TT in a while, so I finally got one up! :) Hope you feel better soon! It's the changes in the flippin' weather if you ask me. I started developing the sniffles today, too! Rainy outside and then flippin' freezing in the office building. Hmmph. Have fun at the park (or mall)!

Mert said...

You poor thing with the allergies! i know how it is to feel squirrelly... I tried taking a fat burner last week. i realized 5 days into it that I felt like my throat was swollen and I was having bad head aches. i couldn't figure it out, then I took a day off from the pill and was much better.

I AM an idiot so of course i thought "I'll try one more day and see what happens". i felt so bad, i called my husband to come early!

Heehee toys... I don't know why I bother sometimes. That's why Emma's toys _I kid you not, and this probably sounds gross- were out 3 months on her bedroom floor. I just vacuumed around them. It felt like an exercise in futility, she just makes a huge again the next day.

BUT, I'm trying... plus John's brother is coming to visit from Texas beginning of August. So I have to straighten up a little.

Melissa said...

I so totally feel your pain. The Headache That Ate Pittsburgh hath returned. I seriously want to die and feel like my melon's caught in a vice grip. If I'm going to be positive, at least I don't have the snot-nose thing to go along with the headache.

I share your addiction to the iced coffee at McDonalds, but I get the ginormous vat o' joe sized ones. I should be squirrely, considering that I may as well just mainline the darn things, yet they don't seem to affect me. Weird, huh? ;)

crazy working mom said...

I hope your allergies get better soon. I've not had McDs coffee just yet. I love BK's Mocha Joe, though! :)

Lene said...

I hate allergies!

I am so with you on the McDonald's iced coffee! They are addictive.