Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday Funnies

Surprise, no photos for today! I bet all my regular readers out there are surprised. However, I will admit, if I had left the camera home today instead of in my purse where it normally resides...there would be a great photo of the reason for this post. I got a call at work this morning from Trevor asking me if I could guess what Emma just did. Trust me, impossible to guess with that stinker! He said he gave her yogurt and spoon to her then went into the kitchen to get her milk and banana...maybe you've guessed already...she dumped the yogurt over her head and laughed hysterically! A friend mentioned maybe it was best we did not take a pic as she may have thought we were encouraging this behavior. But, I do think it would have made great blog material! You will just have to use your imagination! Good thing she hadn't had her bath yet!

She made us laugh yesterday when we stopped by work to talk to one of daddy's co-workers. The guy used the word dude a lot and as we drove away she said "buh-bye dude!" hee hee!

Finally, the moment I almost did not publicize for sheer embarrassment...a Menard's moment yesterday. I'm constantly nagging Trevor not to use some of his pet names for me in front of Emma, I don't need her calling me any names that refer to body parts, it's bad enough he does this and I thank him for at least keeping it MOSTLY at home. However, I hate walking with him behind me anywhere because I frequently have him grab by butt when he thinks no one is around. Worse yet, walking around Wal-Mart grocery shopping, he'll hold the list and pen and check off stuff as we go. Since the pen is retractable, he's taken to clicking the pen off and on...on my butt! Uh, hello, KNOCK IT OFF! I give him the glare and utter those exact words every week, yet every week he continues...I'll have to come up with some way to get back at him.

Anyway, I digress...Menards moment yesterday...he called me one of the names (sexy bum) as we were walking along in a quiet aisle and gives it a squeeze. Emma giggles and happily utters about 17 bum. Hopefully, those around us couldn't understand her since she can't really say S's too well, it was almost like thethy bum. Oh well, we were out of town so not like it was anyone we know!


Elizabeth said...

teehee! Sexy bum!
I was getting annoyed one night because the boys wouldn't put their pajamas on. So I yelled "just put your damn pajamas on already!" Then I hear SM telling SE that he needs to get his damn pajamas on, only he was using the word damn like you would say "green pajamas". It was funny. Kids will repeat lots of stuff.

P.s. love the new look!

wolfbaby said...

you changed things around didn't you?

no pics? :( i always enjoy your pics

that is funny my kids are doing that to.. i really have to watch what i say as they are constantly repeating things.. to funny

men and body parts what is it with them?

Mert said...

heehee sexy bum! LOL!

The other day I told Emma, "You better recognize!" 'cause she was being naughty. John said"tell mommy'recognize, YO!'"

So she has been saying that on and off. Yeesh.